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Document Conversion Services: Signatures, Stamps & Watermarks

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    SEAL Systems’ Document Conversion Services: Add Signatures, Stamps & Watermarks

    SEAL Systems automates the file-to-document conversion process. But, our document conversion can also complete additional tasks that are beneficial to your company, such as adding: digital signatures, stamps and watermarks.
    Digital Signature
    SEAL Systems’ Document Conversion Services: Add Signatures, Stamps & Watermarks

    One of SEAL Systems’ document conversion services is Digital Signatures. But what exactly is it and why is it important?

    A digital signature is when the person sending a message or signing a document is able to prove their identity. It’s like a digital fingerprint that authenticates a digital message or document.

    In addition, a digital signature can also prove that the original content of a document has not been changed. This can be confirmed because the digital signature of the user is inseparably linked with their unique fingerprint of the document, and the file itself.

    With SEAL Systems’ Digital Signature, your company can:

    • Configure the digital approval process of your company’s documents by adding the digital signature of the approving editor on a document
    • Add a clear sender to externally distributed documents with the digital signature
    Sounds great, but…what about digital signatures and legal stipulations?

    The application of digital signatures to documents is often subject to legal stipulations.

    Yes, it is possible to integrate signature workflows into tried and trusted document conversion services including the below:

    • Qualified digital signature when sending invoices
    • The digital signatures in an approval workflow
    • Certificates when sending documents to your suppliers
    Does a digital signature encrypt the content?
    Not necessarily. A digital signature does not mean that the signed content is encrypted. The signature only serves to securely determine the author or the organization that has issued the document.
    Interested in learning more about digital signatures service?
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    • Download our White Paper on Digital Data Security.
    Stamps and Watermarks

    SEAL Systems’ document conversion services also help your company add Stamps and Watermarks to your documents.

    Stamps and Watermarks are text and/or graphic elements that serve the purpose of additional identification and designation of documents. However, they are different…

    • Watermarks are dynamically placed below the document’s contents
    • Stamps are placed above the document’s contents
    Interesting, but…can any user change the stamp or watermark?
    Usually this is not permitted. Ultimately, the stamps should have the same appearance for audit. However, we do provide a stamp editor to the administrator. The administrator configures the design, orientation and position of the required stamp or watermark.
    Is it possible to read the contents of barcode stamps again at a later date?
    Yes! SEAL Systems can apply 1-D and 2-D barcodes with your company’s required information. We can also provide processes to you so that these barcodes can be read again. In that way, you can automatically deliver content to your ECM system.
    Can stamps and watermarks be deleted again?

    This process is only possible for PDF documents. But, if you would like, SEAL Systems can integrate a process that removes the stamp at another time.

    This can be important if an approved document is to be locked again.

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