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Output Monitoring – SEAL Integration for SAP Message Control

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    Do you know this situation? An important order has not been delivered to your supplier – therefore, an urgent order cannot be processed on time. But the message triggered by the buyer is still green in SAP Message Control, and no errors can be detected even though the output did not take place due to an error in the SAP spool or SAP connect. With the SEAL integration into the SAP Message Control, such cases are a thing of the past.

    Our integration with your SAP system not only gives you one-click access to all documents related to a specific SAP object, but it also gives you a global overview of the processing status of messages, so you can take the necessary action directly.

    Monitoring functions used for billing documents

    In different customer projects, SEAL Systems was required to provide a monitoring function for the monitoring of messages. The requirement was to monitor both the combined output of forms and documents via SEAL as well as the output via the standard ways SAP spool or SAP connect. Using transactions for the respective business object (e.g., BIL – FAKTURA), the user can check the status of the output and receives a summary of the status of the output channels. However, the transaction not only provides a summary of the status but also allows you to navigate to the error in the respective output channel. Thus, an error can not only be found quickly but also analyzed directly.

    Example of a Customer-Specific Transaction for Invoices

    Example of a customer-specific transaction for invoices

    Example Visualization of Process Status and Detail Information for Billing Documents

    Example visualization of process status and detail information for billing documents

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