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Have Your Automated Plant Maintenance Orders Cloud-Ready in 5 Days

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    Do you belong to or run a plant maintenance group? Plant Maintenance or more specifically, equipment maintenance, is a highly integral part in operating any organization with functional assets. These assets are the cogs in the company that drive it forward and enable the production of goods and services. Without equipment maintenance, these machines would deteriorate, fail, or stop working all together.

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    The Importance of a Maintenance Planning Process

    Having a maintenance planning process is an important part of keeping your machinery well maintained and updated to support current and future production goals. Normally this kind of planning begins with a procedural understanding of the equipment and what is required for maintaining it. Involving many different sources of information like equipment manuals, safety lockout procedures, and calibration levels. It’s also important to have effective scheduling of regular or emergency upkeep of these systems.

    Once you’ve established your maintenance plans and have them up and running, it’s not enough to run them manually from a system like SAP EAM. While that may serve well in the short term, the path is fraught with potential errors, lost time, and expensive repairs to poorly maintained assets.

    Maintenance Work Orders

    Taking the next step in packaging maintenance work orders with the operational instructions and attached drawings and mechanical designs enables your local factories to react to emergency maintenance requests and scheduled work more reliably. Further extending this solution to the cloud brings this benefit to all business units and remote locations supported by a central planning and execution system.

    Using Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, SEAL can deploy its SAP PM form and automated document collection solution within five days. The cloud-based application can be linked globally to any number of SAP or non-SAP systems to provide an intuitive collection of package work orders with their relevant attachments for easy global delivery to any maintenance group throughout the enterprise as print or digital.

    Building a strategy for maintenance is one thing, extending it throughout the whole organization easily is a SEAL thing!