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How Can I Link Business Document Services (BDS) Documents in SAP Through Object Services?

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    In this article we showed you how to link Generic Object Service (GOS) documents in SAP over Object Services with a business object. The second way, linking documents to Object Services, is through what are called Business Document Services (BDS) documents. Today we’ll show you how that works.

    Linking Business Document Services (BDS) Documents in SAP Through Object Services

    In contrast to GOS objects, BDS documents are classified by document type. All quality certificates, for example, can be allocated to a certain document type. BDS documents are stores over the services in the object menu Create -> Create business document.

    Screenshot: Production Order Change: Header

    You can store a file via Drag&Drop or alternatively search for it via search dialog. For this, double click on the document type PDF.

    Screenshot: Storing a File

    Now select the appropriate file over the search dialog and use “Open” to load it as a BDS-document in SAP.

    Screenshot: Selecting and Opening the File to load it as a BDS-document in SAP

    As soon as the upload is finished, this will be displayed. Now you can end this action by clicking on the green check mark.

    Screenshot: When the Upload is Finished Click the Green Check Mark

    Now let’s look at the Asset List:

    Screenshot: Open Asset List

    The Asset List now contains two documents. The first document is the BDS document, which shows the document type as title. The second document is the GOS document from Part 1.

    Screenshot: Asset List Now Contains Two Documents

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