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SAP PLM & CAD Problem: Solved by SEAL Systems

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    SAP PLM & CAD Problem Solved – A Client’s Story

    SEAL Systems was asked by a client to resolve their SAP PLM and CAD issue. In order to ensure success, SEAL Systems broke the project into two steps of implementation: set-up a functioning output management system – and integrate the CAD conversion.

    With a game plan decided on, SEAL Systems went to work.

    The Challenge

    One of SEAL Systems’ clients needed a solution that was designed to:

    • Access CAD drawings directly in SAP
    • Implement automatic document changes
    • Simply and easily convert the document into a long-term format (e.g., PDF) or into a 3-D neutral format (3-D PDF) – once the document was released

    The solution had to be designed with these results in mind because SEAL Systems’ client had certain processes that they wanted to implement: they wanted to be able to distribute engineering drawings, send production orders reliably and release CAD drawings.

    Before the company came to SEAL Systems, the whole process had been done manually. But, now – they wanted the release processes to be digital.

    The Game Plan

    For the project to be successful, SEAL Systems had to carry it out in two steps.

    • Step One: Set-up a functioning output management system
    • Step Two: Integrate the CAD conversion

    Step One: Output Management System

    Why is setting up an output management system so important? Because an output management system is needed for the project to be successful.

    Like our client, companies usually load their own design drawings via a CAD interface. Mostly, it is completed by the company’s engineering department into the ERP system (SAP PLM).

    Therefore, having all data connected to a centralized output management system aids with the conversion process.

    Step Two: Integrate CAD Conversion

    CAD conversion transforms the engineering documents into long-term and universal formats. Therefore, with CAD integration, data can be stored in SAP.

    For step two, SEAL Systems worked with our partner CENIT for CAD conversion. CENIT is an important partner of SEAL Systems because their solution, CATIA, can be applied at workstations as the company’s main CAD system. And with the CAD integration from CENIT – models, neutral formats and metadata can be stored in SAP.

    The Result

    After completing step one and two, our client received the results they were looking for.

    Now, when our client is at the early stages of a document creation, copies of the CAD drawings are generated as PDFs (with help from the integration of CENIT).

    The PDFs are then available to the company at the beginning of their distribution processes.

    What about PDF/A?

    A PDF/A is created only by the actual release over SEAL Systems’ conversion. Once created, the PDF in the SAP PLM is deleted.

    The PDF in the SAP PLM is deleted to make sure that only authorized departments have the ability to view the documents during the development stage.

    But, Was SEAL Systems’ Solution Successful?

    Yes. With the aid of the new functioning output management system, our client has been able to successfully convert CAD models without failures or malfunctions. And, now all of our client’s projects are converted over the new solution we created.

    All the more, our client has shared that their users’ work – from the design stage to the work preparation stage – has improved considerably.

    How Else Can SEAL Systems Help Your Company?

    In addition to bringing your company the same results we brought our client in this blog – SEAL Systems can help your business with the below problems as well:

    Automatic Rotation of CAD Drawings and Other Documents. Drawing orientation is important when using an automated print output with large-format devices. But automatic rotation can be difficult – especially when recognizing if the drawings are the wrong side up. SEAL’s System solution resolves this. Click here to learn more.

    Compile Print and Distribute Orders. SEAL Systems’ Document Distribution Director (DDD) is a solution for compiling print and distribution orders for SAP PLM, as well as SAP DMS and Folders Management. With it, document and form files can be searched and packaged from multiple environments. To read more, click here.

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