Company-wide Content and Document Management in One Uniform System

What Is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management

SEAL Systems’ core competence lies with incorporate output management and the associated company-wide distribution of documents and information. But did you know that the accompanying processes are only one part of a comprehensive system? Enterprise content management is what we mean.

According to the accepted definition, this broad term encompasses the technologies used for the capturing, managing, storing, delivering, and preserving of content and documents. In brief: ECM brings structure to the organization or company information and thus serves in the efficient organization of business processes.

Why Is ECM Important for Me?

E-mails scans, and mountains of data in different formats and versions: the recent advances of digitization means that businesses have had to struggle with organizing their information. Therefore, a management system which uniformly structures the data independent of application source and required use, and prevents redundant maintenance expense, is needed – and ECM-coupled technologies like document management and output management follow this demand.

Trust SEAL Systems solutions for the distribution of your company-wide documents and information. Document printing, conversion, archiving, and publishing is easily done in a hardware-neutral and cost-effective way from third-party manufacturers’ systems like Sharepoint, Opentext, and many ECM solutions coupled to SAP via Archive-Link. With our services, document-based processes from PLM and SAP systems are more economical and more secure.


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