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Simplify And Automate SAP Sales Orders

Automatically supplement your SAP orders with supporting documentation

Simplify And Automate SAP Sales Orders
Complete sales orders take time to compile with all the supplemental information (drawings, documents, inspection records, confirmation of delivery, etc.), but they don’t have to.

shutterstock_564030814-300x199 SalesWhether it is an offer, customer sales order, delivery or invoice, SEAL Systems helps package SAP orders with additional files and documents. Whatever you need to include in your sales order, automated add-ons will find the right attachments for your sales team and deliver them to your customers with one click!

The Sales Order – Simplified

The complete distribution of all sales order documents simplifies all work processes. With a mouse click, all needed documents are collected for the sales order and can be easily distributed.


Nothing changes for the end-user!

Our software is added onto SAP standard and works behind the scenes. Therefore, SAP workflows remain unaffected. With our application, your team does not have to learn a new interface!


Can I inspect the list of all forms and documents before distribution?

Yes! If you want to add or remove anything, insert or remove it from the batch with a simple view.


How Can I Be Sure the Right Addendum Documents Are Included?  

In SAP, supplementary information is linked with master data such as a Bill of Material, offers, customer orders, or Generic Object Services (GOS). Our process analyzes these links according to configurable specifications. Additional filters for file and document type can also help you find the exact files you need.

Distribution Made Easy

Whatever distribution method you prefer, we can help!


Distribution via print

When distributing the sales order by printing it as a complete batch, the output is easier because it will include all the additional information in the resulting package.


Digital distribution

Distribute your complete sales orders electronically! Using our output management platform, you can automatically send the sales order as a PDF via an email attachment or generate a web portal for your customers.

As an additional benefit, if you send your supplier’s orders electronically, you can also include 3D images from CAD or other non-printable data.


Different Filing Locations? No Problem!

SAP has many ways to connect files with objects and processes. We support them all: SAP DMS, Object Services (GOS), ArchiveLink, and Folders Management. We can also connect to document management systems such as SharePoint, OpenText, Teamcenter, Windows file systems, etc.

No matter where your information is being stored – we can retrieve it! 

Compliance Guaranteed

With SEAL Systems, all distribution is tracked. In SAP, you can see what was delivered, when, and to whom. You can also issue follow-up deliveries as reminders or updates to your customers. shutterstock_181123067-300x210 Sales

With enhanced add-ons, all document batches can be secured with time stamps, making managing documents easier for the end-user.

With document statuses and different versions floating around, we also help with version management. We can add object or process-related stamps or watermarks to ensure the validity of the information.


Gain Visibility with Document Flow

 SAP document flow can be analyzed for document discovery. Using the document flow, you can easily find and add the original offer to the invoice in an offer-order-delivery-invoice chain.

The Benefit for These SAP Transactions

These print processes with attachments are available for Sales and Document Distribution in customer sales orders (VA02), deliveries (VL02N) and invoices (VF02).


Streamline All of Your SAP Business Processes

Our application helps with so much more. In addition to Sales, our solution can also be used for …   

  • Project system: Project definition, network, project parts list
  • Materials management: Materials list, materials document, inspections
  • SAP DVS: Document hierarchy, document parts list, change master
  • Structure resolutions: Change master, generic processing, installation (IBASE)