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Solutions for Sales ORDERS in SAP

Supplement your SAP purchasing documents automatically with all necessary supporting documents

Solutions for Sales ORDERS in SAP
Complete documents lighten the workload in sales. Whether offer, customer sales order, delivery or invoicing; we’ll help you supplement your normal SAP documents with additional files and documents – for example, with drawings, standard texts, inspection records, confirmation of delivery, activity reports, manufacturer’s documents. Whatever your tasks: We’ll find the right attachments for your customer correspondence.

The complete distribution of all documents simplifies all work processes. Everything is together with one click of the button – and in the right sales order. SAP printer output and all additional documents are distributed and sent out in one work process.

Nothing changes for the end user! SAP standard procedures remain unaffected.

Can I inspect the list of all forms and documents before printing? Yes – and if you want to add or remove anything: Insert it or remove it from the batch.


ordner-269x300 SalesThe right addendum documents

How do I find the right documents? In SAP, supplementary information is linked with master data such as BoM, offers, or customer order, or also filed under Object Services (GOS). Our process analyzes these links – according to different adjustable methods. Additional filters for file and document type can help you find exactly the files you need.


Distribution methods

Print or electronic? This question is not so crucial, as you can switch between different methods at any time:

  • Output over printer as a complete batch. Distribution is made even simpler by including additional information on endpapers.
  • Or do you want a distribution portal? No problem. Also standard: electronic distribution as PDF via e-mail attachment.

And: if you send your suppliers orders electronically, you can also sent 3D images from CAD or other non-printable data along with them. You send your suppliers orders electronically, you can also send 3D images from CAD or other non-printable data along with them.


Different filing locations – no problem

SAP has many ways to connect files with objects and processes. We support them all: SAP DVS, Object Services (GOS), ArchiveLink, and Folders Management. If these are not sufficient, we can also turn to third-party management systems such as: SharePoint, OpenText, Teamcenter, filesystems and many others. We’re confident: Your management system is also on our list.


Compliance guaranteedstempel-199x300 Sales

Should something go wrong, we’ll help you find the flaw in the process. The distribution is documented. In SAP, you can see what was delivered when and to whom. You can issue follow-up deliveries as well.

All document batches can be provided with timestamps. This also makes managing documents easier for the end user.

When additional documents come from a system with status and version management, many businesses want this validity information to be visible. How it works: object or process related stamps or watermarks are standard.


Everything in document flow

SAP document flow can also be analyzed for document discovery. You can easily find and add the original offer to the invoice in an offer-order-delivery-invoice chain.


Invoices compliant with ZUGFeRD?

Absolutely. We’ll show you how!


The benefit to these SAP transactions

These print processes with attachments can be used for customer sales orders (VA02), deliveries (VL02N) and invoices (VF02).


This practical assistance for optimal document distribution from SAP can also be used for

  • Project system: Project definition, network, project parts list
  • Materials management: Materials list, materials document, inspection lot
  • SAP DVS: Document hierarchy, document parts list, change master
  • Structure resolutions: Change master, generic processing, installation (IBASE)

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