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Solutions for your purchasing ORDERS in SAP

Automatically supplement your SAP purchasing files with all necessary accompanying documents

Solutions for your purchasing ORDERS in SAP

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SEAL Systems process printing solutions let you say goodbye to the time-consuming, manual search for all documents relevant to your purchasing processes!

To achieve this, you only have to specify once: which recipient needs what information, where it’s stored, what criteria it fulfills, and how it should be sent.

Our SAP process printing solution combines the necessary documents, SAP objects or even just certain passages. Then our SAP process automatically enhances the necessary documents with drawings, stamps, watermarks or barcodes before transmitting them into a format that the supplier can use.

In no time, you’ll have a package of up-to-date information that fits your corresponding processes seamlessly.

This video quickly, and simply, explains how the purchasing process in SAP works with SEAL Systems:



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Challenge: In the SAP standard, only the purchase order or the query is sent to the supplier.


SEAL Systems’ Solution: Our extension allows you to also send additional documents with the purchase order.

Additional documents can be filed in various locations in SAP and linked with the order. Relevant documents are automatically identified and added to a SEAL output by request, along with the order or query.


SEAL Systems can integrate the following elements in an order:

  • Purchase order
  • Documents on the material
  • Documents on the supplier
  • Documents on the order item
  • Documents on the order
  • Documents on the product line
  • GOS/BDS document of the order

By using the Output Management Engine, the user can decide which output pathway should be used to deliver his/her order with additional documentation to the customer. The most common way is email but connecting to a fax server, output into a PDF file or sending to a customer portal is also possible.

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For the email output pathway, you will receive an email with all documents in a PDF as well as easily customizable email text:

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That is all well and good...

The process from SEAL Systems is completely integrated in the SAP-Standard. This means, that the process is still the same for the user!

This is no problem for the document collector from SEAL Systems. All documents can be retrieved and can be output together with the order or the request.

With configuration settings, a filter can be established, which defines the documents for output.

The delivery plan and contracts are considered with the SEAL Systems solution. The following transactions are covered: ME21N, ME22N, ME23N, ME31K, ME32K, ME33K, ME31L, ME32L, ME33L .

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