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Output Management for SAP S/4HANA

Barcodes, Unicode, forms, order tracking, security – quite simply printing from SAP

Output Management for SAP S/4HANA

Output Management for SAP S/4HANA – What is it?

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Are the standard functions of the SAP printing output not adequate for you needs? Do you want to integrate a complex output device facility made up of workplace printers, multifunctional devices and digital distribution methods via a central output management system with just a few clicks and then make them available in the entire SAP system facility? Are you also looking for a way to control, monitor and track all of your output processes centrally?


The output management system from SEAL Systems provides device-neutral, secure and entirely transparent document and information distribution from SAP S/4HANA Cloud for all users and administrators.


With the standardised interface (BC-XOM, SAPGOF, SAPGOFU), we make it possible for you to connect to diverse output channels (printing, plotting, electronic) so that you are equipped for any form of correspondence. With SEAL Systems, you can transact all of your printing and printing-related SAP processes using a single system and can also enjoy integrated advantages such as document preparation (stamping, barcodes, …), form management and much more.

We also offer you specific business process solutions as well as conversion solutions for your SAP applications.

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Video: SEAL Systems explains Output Management.

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Output Management for SAP – Who needs it?

For every company that uses SAP and that would like to optimise its output processes, our output management for SAP provides many valuable advantages which make day-to-day business considerably easier.

  • More transparency – print job tracking from the application to paper (See the true status of your print job at any time)pepierstapel-239x300 SAP
  • Creating barcodes without cost-intensive add-on printer modules
  • Printing SAP forms with diverse country-specific character sets
  • Avoiding complex and inflexible form generation
  • Never set up printers individually in different SAP system environments again
  • Reduction in application server load thanks to outsourcing of print processes
  • The highest degree of security when distributing confidential data.
  • Central integration of all locations into a single output management facility.
  • Avoiding cumbersome monitoring of your output devices

Typical Problem Situations

Important document processes cannot be tracked? You can’t ensure that your production documents have actually arrived at the desired output device or that the supplier received the email with the order documents? We monitor your output jobs end to end. Regardless of the selected output medium, users and administrators can track the progress of their output jobs at any time and identify potential errors. A confirmation is not delivered until an output job has actually been output successfully. This way you safeguard essential business processes and can always ensure that the recipients have received all of the required documents. This also helps prevent unnecessary reprinting.

barcode-300x245 SAPWe generate the barcodes you need in software without additional investments in printing hardware. We provide barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes and also OMR codes and OFR labels. You define which documents the barcodes are added to and where on the page.

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Individual international character sets have to be stored on the printers using DIMM modules at an extra charge? The output management system from SEAL Systems processes all typefaces and code pages in its standard form. This way, you guarantee smooth communication and document distribution in international business transactions. With a central system, you are able to cover all required character sets in the corporate network and significantly reduce the burden on the support department.

The SEAL output management system can be supplemented with a professional form management system. With this, you can simply create templates using a user-friendly interface with drag & drop and WYSIWYG features. Creating these templates is supported by a building block system. This means elements (headers, logos, blocks of text, barcodes and much more) can be saved as building blocks and simply used again in other documents. The output of the designed forms is identical, regardless of the selected output channel.

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With central printing administration from SEAL Systems, you can set up, define and administer all output devices across locations throughout the entire corporation. The output devices are synchronised at the desired environments at the touch of a button. Individual set-up can be dispensed with, which reduces the amount of time needed for administration of the output devices to a minimum.

With its intelligent multi-server architecture, our output management system guarantees optimum load distribution, a high degree of system stability and maximum printing throughput. Automatic system reactions in case of error can be configured individually so that your essential business output processes are safeguarded completely.

sicherheit-300x210 SAPIntegrated encryption and compression mechanisms in the output management system protect your data from unauthorised external access but also from within your company network. Large quantities of data can also be compressed for transmission thereby expediting the exchange of information. Decryption and decompression are carried out in the local network of the destination or directly at the output medium.

With the output management engine from SEAL Systems, you can integrate all desired locations into the central output system. That way, you have a centralised overview of your entire system facility, you can monitor all devices and jobs and you can output standardised documents uniformly. The uniform output of your documents is guaranteed by the generic SEAL driver. The multi-server structure in connection with our compression mechanisms allows rapid transmission of the print data streams as well as the guarantee of system stability.

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You would like to have a central cockpit which can be used to monitor and control all devices? SEAL Systems provides administrators with straightforward display and monitoring of all devices and their operating statuses in just one cockpit. You can integrate devices from any manufacturer, brand or model in this system. No matter which location the output devices or output servers are at, you can have an overview of all operating statuses and can rectify malfunctions without having to perform a search.

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Output Management for SAP is a subsection of the corporate output management system from SEAL Systems. It connects all applications with all output channels throughout the entire corporation within a single system. It takes on the tasks of data preparation (conversion, stamping, scaling), spooling and controlling the output channels (printers, plotters, electronic output methods). Furthermore, it provides a wide range of functions regarding all aspects of your printing infrastructure and printing processes.