Case Study: Automated Bundling of Production Work Order Packages

by Debra Garls

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SEAL Systems is excited to announce our newly published customer success story – Bundling of Production Work Order Packages.

About the Customer – Madix, Inc.

Company-Collage-300x240 Case Study: Automated Bundling of Production Work Order Packages

Dixie Craft Manufacturing began as a small, family-owned manufacturer in Alabama in 1956. Madix Store Fixtures, a similar manufacturer in Texas, was established in 1962. The merger of Dixie Craft Manufacturing and Maytex Store Fixtures in 1982 formed Madix, Inc. Over the years, Madix has expanded to include over 2.3 million square feet of production space where it manufactures fixtures for retail stores. The fixtures are built for any type of retail and can be used either in the front of the shop (e.g., attention-grabbing displays, wall sections, etc.) or in the back of the shop (e.g., pallet racks, storage shelving, etc.) Learn more about Madix, Inc.

The Key Points

In SEAL Systems’ new case study, you will learn:Madix-White-Paper-Cover-Page-211x300 Case Study: Automated Bundling of Production Work Order Packages

  • How Madix, Inc. significantly reduced the amount of time required to produce their work order packages
  • How SEAL Systems’ output application helped Madix print out the applicable internal engineering drawings with each production order

The Challenge

Madix, Inc. used to produce its production work order packages manually. The process meant that a person had to navigate to the production order in SAP, individually look up all the drawings linked to materials, operations and other objects in the company’s production order module and print each one separately.

To produce and distribute these packages, it took the data clerks several hours of work every morning to complete. This required staff to arrive at the office as early as 3 a.m. to collect and distribute the work packages.

The Solution

Download the case study to learn how SEAL Systems helped Madix, Inc.

Download-Case-Study-300x51 Case Study: Automated Bundling of Production Work Order Packages

Special thanks to Jack Thelen and Madix, Inc. for their help with this case study

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