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Top 3 Reasons You Need an Output Solution for SAP Spool

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    What Good Is an Output Solution in SAP Spool?

    SAP provides many convenient and powerful ways to generate, collect, and store important business data. With a button, measurements and data can be sent across the world to a recipient at a specialized materials factory.

    What about when you need to collect packages and deliver them to many recipients at many locations?

    An output management solution works just like it does for your normal printing business. It adds a layer of intelligent assembly and presentation of information and delivers it accurately and securely to any device  – even the cloud!

    Forms & Formatting

    SAP Forms are generally created as SAP Script, SmartForms, or other forms types. When these are matched with an output device in SAP Spool, the page size of the form is important: each form must be tailored to a printer driver. If the form is too large, it will be at the mercy of the end device.

    With SEAL OMS, you can print anything from SAP, and the page size will be scaled automatically in the Output Solution before final delivery.

    This frees up the development time on modifying forms for different situations.


    Printer Failover

    Sometimes printing fails; it’s the nature of mechanical devices. It doesn’t have to be a disaster. The best approach to failover is to have a backup plan. The best backup plan is to be able to link devices together intelligently so that any job coming through to the pool or department, will be delivered.

    Now with intelligent redirection of output when encountering specific conditions, SEAL OMS will take care to ensure that the output goes to the right destination at the right time.

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    Printer Fleet Management

    Having printers all over the building is one thing but taking that to a national or global stage with the management of the devices and matching them to their applications creates a large overhead in support and administration.

    Managing Devices Across Networks is Easy with SEAL EasyPRIMA

    SEAL EasyPRIMA helps you:

    • Push and pull device information and driver configuration from/to SAP, Windows, and SEAL
    • Assign local or regional administrators to handle the configuration of all devices
    • Not just printers, this works for many digital methods as well