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How An Output Management Solution Can Help You Reduce IT Operational Costs

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    Output management technology is an asset to any enterprise-level business. According to Technavio, “The need to reduce operational costs in IT departments is driving the global market for output management software. As a result, the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.56% in the foreseeable future.”

    What is Output Management

    An output management solution’s main job is to make it possible to distribute information and documents enterprise-wide. However, its ultimate goal is to ensure that the right information is available at the right time, in the right place, and in the correct format with minimal effort required by employees.

    How Does Output Management Work?

    An output management solution is integrated with existing systems such as SAP and Windows. It receives information and documents from these applications, converts them to commonly used formats and distributes them to all desired locations.

    Output Management Versus Print Management

    Though the terms “output management” and “print management” are often used interchangeably, they refer to different processes. Print management software performs simple printing functions and solves operating systems problems. Output management does everything print management does, and more.

    Output Management Application Environments


    Output Management for SAP transforms a complex device landscape that consists of workstation printers, multifunction devices, and digital distribution processes into a central output management system that is available to the entire SAP System. It ensures a secure, device-neutral, and transparent distribution of documents and information from SAP to all users, and creates a “central hub” or “cockpit” so administrators can centrally control, monitor, and trace all output processes.

    What About S/4HANA?

    SEAL Systems is certified on the S/4HANA platform. Therefore, our products that are based on the S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud can be readily installed and applied.


    Output Management for Windows provides easy and straightforward printing enterprise-wide. The Windows output management software connects all applications with output channels and combines them into a single system. The solution can also take on the tasks of data preparation (e.g., conversion, stamping, scaling), spooling and controlling the output channels (e.g., printers, plotters, electronic output methods) when documents and information are output from Windows.


    The Output Management for Engineering software connects the company’s applications to all output channels and creates a single system. Cover sheets, tables of contents, metadata, stamps, barcodes, and end sheets can be added to entire component structures from your PLM/PDM systems. You can also use the output management software to distribute data automatically and trace its progress through the system.


    Output Management for Mobile provides an easy printing systems solution. With this process, printing documents, photos, or email attachments from a mobile device to any printer in a company’s network is simplified. The specific software also makes printing device-neutral, transparent, and secure.


    Cloud Output Management enables printing from the cloud without any print server. It also supports your printing process, so information delivery is easy, flexible, and cost-effective.

    How SEAL Systems Became the Global Leader of Output Management Solutions

    SEAL Systems’ output management technology has a success rate for successfully supporting its customers.

    What Distinguishes SEAL Systems’ Output Management from Other Solutions?

    SEAL Systems can control 98% of a customer’s print machines from a single print driver. It also displays nearly all output platforms from SAP over a generic printer type and makes it possible to track the status of a print job in SAP any time and from anywhere. SEAL Systems also reduces administrative expenses for printing because printers only have to be set up once and are automatically available in SAP and Windows.

    Are SEAL Systems’ Solutions Dependent on Any Applications or Manufacturers?

    SEAL Output Management technology is application agnostic and isn’t dependent on any manufacturers. It’s a corporate output platform that can process any output demands your business might have and frees your enterprise from its dependence on a particular print manufacturer.

    Advantages to SEAL Output Management Printer Management

    The management of large printer infrastructures, maintenance, and setup is time-consuming and cost intensive. SEAL Output Management simplifies this process by connecting output systems into a central database, which means all system environments (e.g., SAP, Windows, etc.) are synchronized. New printers can be added to the printer database quickly and easily using a simple web interface.

    Secure & Pull Printing

    Pull Printing reduces printing costs with SEAL Output Management’s help. Document packages are not automatically printed when a person selects “Print.” They are held and secured until users identify themselves at the printer and authorize the output.

    Administration + Monitoring

    SEAL Output Management software provides administrators with straightforward display and monitoring of all devices. Therefore, they can easily monitor and control all output devices and output processes.

    Rules-Based Job Distribution

    With SEAL Output Management, you can create printing rules for your company’s job distribution. For example, you can determine as a company or department whether the output will be single-sided or double-sided, or in color or black and white.

    Forms Management

    SEAL Output Management enables forms to be set up in SAP, web applications, or mainframe and be administered with ease.

    Integrated Conversion

    The SEAL Output Management platform connects applications such as Windows, SAP, CAD, and PLM with output channels (printers, plotters, email, etc.) Therefore, the same driver is used every time for jobs coming from specific applications – no matter what printer the user has selected.

    Accounting + Control

    SEAL Output Management logs all important information about your enterprise-wide printing such as who printed what, when, where, and from which application. It can log and export the information in a CSV file that is easily viewed and displayed with Excel or Business Analytics.

    Security + Load Balancing

    SEAL Output Management’s integrated encryption and compression mechanisms protect your data from unauthorized access during the production and printing processes.

    Additional Benefits

    SEAL Output Management also provides the following benefits:

    • High economic efficiency
    • Maximum security
    • Complete process transparency
    • Enhanced quality
    • Central administration
    • Control of all devices with optimized drivers
    • Enhanced security
    • High availability/fail-safe/load balancing

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