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Paperless Manufacturing: Take Your Production Process to Digital

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    A digital solution can revolutionize manufacturing production processes for any enterprise. By implementing a paperless production solution, work time and errors are substantially reduced.

    Increased Flexibility

    Manufacturing dynamics are known to change quickly, whether from changing customer demand, material shortages, or adjustments to the production quantities, shop floor workers and plant managers need to have access to up-to-date and accurate information to be able to take quick action to adapt– without slowing down production.

    Why Paperless Production?

    Through digital production orders, the information is shared via touch screens with the speed of a finger. Through paperless manufacturing, the changes to the production workflow are seamless and are transparent to the shop floor worker – they see on-demand details and up to the minute results. If an update is made to an order a shop floor worker is working on, a push notification will let the worker know what change was made so that they can make immediate adjustments.

    Secure Proprietary Files

    Proprietary designs of the products manufacturing plants are building, can easily become unaccounted for or lost – even when these documents are considered highly sensitive. While no manufacturing plant wants to lose sensitive information, it can happen with hand-offs of paper-based production orders from one workstation to another. Paper carries a high risk of being misplaced or lost.

    Why Digital Paper?

    As companies insist on verifiable proof that their documents are properly maintained, a digital manufacturing application provides peace of mind. By having the production orders accessible through a secure dashboard, there is no chance for any of the designs being lost or misplaced. Therefore, no additional time is spent trying to track down the lost documents – and the production process can move swiftly because all documents are secure and are always in the right place at the right time.

    Greater Efficiency

    Planning time can be wasted in researching the progress of each order before scheduling the next shift. In addition, the lack of status updates on orders adds additional risk, since an order’s status might not be known until the order is behind schedule.

    Engineered Efficiency

    By using paperless manufacturing, status reports are immediate and automated. Orders are intuitively searchable, as updates can be viewed when the order moves through each workstation. If an order falls behind, a notification can be shared automatically so the appropriate action can take place to reduce delays.

    Relevant production information is also digitally captured without the need for paper logbooks. By storing quantity produced, scrap results, and notes for the shop floor to report back to the planning and execution group, work time is streamlined, and reliability increased.

    Reduced Paper

    Paper has carried a significant factor in many manufacturing processes. It has been generally used to print paper orders, reports, work instructions, designs, etc. The amount of paper used can be a staggering cost. For example, TotallyPaperless.com, reports that an average four-drawer filing cabinet can cost a company up to $25,000 to fill – and $2,000 annually to maintain.

    The Digital Paper Factory

    A paperless manufacturing solution can eliminate all but the necessary paper – and can improve plant organization with a digital platform.

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