We Explain What Business Printing Can Do, and What It Can’t!

What Is Business Printing?

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Business Printing Creates Transparent and Traceable Output Processes

You probably know the standard print output of forms, lists and reports from the SAP system. The files and documents to be printed are transferred via the SAP spooler to any print server, and printed on the desired printer. However, SAP’s standard functionality in document distribution does not provide a way to trace the document process reliably and transparently, because the SAP system is not capable of monitoring the entire “route” to the printer. You also cannot be certain that your documents actually arrived at the desired destination printer after leaving the SAP environment. Another shortcoming of the SAP standard functionality is that, after printing, SAP forms don’t correspond to the desired design, tables are cut off, and errors in makeup occur.

We Create Transparency for Your Document Processes!

With Business Printing from SEAL Systems, you can avoid the “black hole” of insufficient transparency and optimize your document-intensive business processes. We connect our external output management system (PLOSSYS® Output Engine) to the SAP system via certified BC-XOM interface. Through PLOSSYS® Output Engine, we establish a bidirectional link between the SAP environment and the connected printers. This allows the entire path from the SAP system to the printer to be precisely traced, and allows our business customers full transparency and security over their document processes. This applies not only to print distribution, but also to electronic distribution via e-mail, web portal, and many other distribution processes.

Print Processing According to Customer Wishes

Print processing for forms also takes place in the PLOSSYS® Output Engine system. No matter which forms technology you’re using (SAP Script, SmartForms or Adobe Forms) – we process these generically, convert them in the correct desired format, and guarantee the desired print output to all printer models. Furthermore, we can enhance these forms with stamps and bar codes, and the output management system’s Unicode capability ensures the correct interpretation of international characters.

Cleverly Optimized Workflow

In summary, Business Printing from SEAL Systems creates transparent and traceable print processes, both analog and electronically, guarantees the correct output of all SAP forms in the desired design, and facilitates intelligent options for the processing and distribution of documents. You benefit from faster business processes and gain operative strength through more efficient workflows. And or course Business Printing helps to lower printing costs! Further information can be found on the Enterprise Output Solutions page.


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