Digital Rights Management – Comprehensive Protection for your Documents

by Dr. Uwe Wächter

SEAL Systems offers solutions for digital rights management (eDRM) for a complete know-how protection for your documents. The company emphasizes a focus on the seamless integration of rights management in the entire PLM, DVS and ECM environment of the SAP user. The target group for the fully integrated DRM Systems is companies in all industries whose consistent protection of their documents is critical to their business.

SEAL Systems has implemented an extensive Enterprise Digital sicherheit2Rights Management for everyone with SAP DMS managed documents at GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH, a global company with numerous locations and partners. Operational cycles with customers and assembling companies have demanded the exchange of documents which are managed with SAP-DMS. During the distribution of documents to external recipients is especially where information security and know-how protection could not be guaranteed by SAP’s rights management. Loopholes which allow documents to circulate unprotected should be closed.

SEAL Systems is equipped with substantial knowledge for linking external systems to SAP-DVS and offers well-engineered techniques for process integration at the same time. The rights management system at GEA was paired with the SAP system from Seal Systems. The implementation cost of this step was low; standard software from SEAL Systems functioned as an intelligent interface between the SAP world, the DRM-Server, and the company headquarters user administration (AD).

Thereby all relevant SAP interfaces are now monitored by GEA, which can be used for the export of documents from SAP. Simultaneously to the installation the rules and parameters were defined for the application of the digital rights management. Which document types should underlie the DRM-encryption is determined by a SAP-Abap table. If a user wants to give out documents, they are automatically checked for “DRM-relevance”. If it is a document which needs encrypting, the document is automatically forwarded to the DRM-Server, where it is encrypted according to DRM guidelines.

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