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Collecting & Distributing All SAP Documents From Home

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    Revolutionizing your mobile workforce is more important now than ever. Learn how you can empower your employees to gather and distribute information from SAP, Windows, and beyond. As well as automate your workflow with SEAL Systems secure software platform.
    Web Portal for SAP Packages

    Digitize Your Workflow

    Sales Orders

    Sales orders need to get to customers even during global reaching events. However, the sales order process can be cumbersome when your workforce is working from home because of the many line items and links to other customer-facing documents.


    Compile Sales Orders with One Click

    SEAL Systems triggers a standard SAP message to your customers. With one tap, you can:

    • Grab all needed forms, files, and any additional documents
    • Package all documents into a PDF – with a Table of Contents
    • Distribute the document packet to your customer via a web portal or email

    With SEAL Systems, the transmittal is quick, and no processing is done on the user’s workstation.

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    Purchasing Orders

    Like sales orders, purchase orders also require a time-consuming manual search for all relevant documents. Once all the necessary information is compiled, the purchase order then needs to be sent, and confirmation of the receipt of the order must be tracked.

    Automate Your Purchase Order Process

    When prompted, SEAL Systems software can achieve the below:

    • Digital package RFQ and all purchase order documents are packaged into a PDF
    • Purchase orders are automatically sent
    • Confirmation of the receipt of the order is collected and stored into SAP

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    Plant Work, Production, and Maintenance

    Gathering and collating the data and information needed for plant work, production, or maintenance can be a tedious task. With hours lost on collecting the appropriate information, further headaches can be created with last-minute changes or human error.

    Welcome to the Digital Plant

    Supercharge your plant workflows with a digital data collection solution that is efficient and secure. With one click, gather and package any information like work instructions, production planning, and maintenance – in the appropriate order.

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    Additional Solutions for Your Mobile Workforce

    Easily Compile Documents from SAP MM, SAP DMS, and SharePoint

    Collecting additional information from other modules like SAP MM (Materials Management), SAP DMS (Document Management Systems), and SharePoint is now much easier. Our solution makes gathering data from these systems as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Search SAP for the needed information
    2. Select all needed documents/information
    3. And Output!

    SEAL Systems can output (or distribute) documents and information to a web page, PDF, email, or anywhere else on the internet.

    Securely Merge and Share Reports, Supporting Files, Projects, and More!

    Transform files from different sources and different files into an easily shareable document with a table of contents. Merge and share files securely and easily with supporting files, projects, recipes, and more with our document automation software.

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