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Digital Packages: Automated Document Publishing Within SAP

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    With the help of intelligent applications and powerful output management, automatically collect and assemble data and files to create a new document with table of contents, page numbers, bookmarks, diagrams, and more.

    Automated & Organized Documents

    The process of assembling documents and different file formats is no longer a time-consuming task. With our publishing solution, you achieve:

    • Automatic creation of technical documentation, including generation of a table of contents, page numbers, bookmarks
    • Rules-based compiling of information (e.g., all the released documents of a BOM structure)
    folder office
    • Necessary metadata for the publishing process (e.g., components and order numbers)
    • Documents/data converted into the desired target format
    • Stamps and/or watermarks affixed dynamically from attributes
    • Single documents assembled into a documentation set
    • The document set structured in a purposefully specific layout
    • Output via print, digital, or web

    How Does Our Technology Work?

    Using our solution, Document Distribution Director, document and form files can be searched and packaged from various environments and contexts.

    Screenshot of Document Distribution Director

    Screenshot of Document Distribution Director


    The Document Distribution Director can be integrated into many SAP transactions and processes.


    With our software, output is carried out as printing or electronic distribution over output management systems or SAP Spool. All jobs are furnished with additional information, and receiver data are filed in the system – and can be managed, edited, and reissued at a later time.

    The API

    The SEAL Systems API is customizable to create jobs from any module in SAP.

    What Makes Our Software Different?

    In addition to having a solution that works and has a track record of success, our software also sets itself apart because it is:

    • “Out of the box”
    • Modular and scalable
    • Cloud-ready
    • Normally implemented within two weeks or less

    Learn More: SEAL Systems Explains Direct Publishing

    Watch our video below to see a visual explanation of our Direct Publishing solution:

    Success with Document Distribution and Publishing

    Learn how SEAL Systems was able to help Waters Corporation achieve success with document distribution and publishing by clicking on the button below.