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Access to SAP DMS Documents via Web Service and Stamping of Lacking Status Information

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    What is the difference between these two SAP DMS documents?

    SAP DVS-Dokument - Konstruktionszeichnung Roller
    Blog post Access to SAP DMS documents

    The Problem: Lack of Status Information

    You can be reassured, the documents are absolutely identical and with your eyes everything is okay. What makes the two documents different is something you don’t see in the image of the document: the status of the associated document info record in SAP.

    In our example, the first document is an unapproved design drawing. Whereas the second design drawing has already been approved.

    This information is not visible on the document when you retrieve these documents from the DMS using the SAP standard.

    SAP document data - not released
    SAP document data - released

    The Solution: Stamps from SEAL Systems

    This is where SEAL Systems’ solutions can provide support. Our solutions ensure that the information at runtime (meta data) is dynamically stamped onto the document. The status can be stamped, but also other data such as information about which user requested the file, when they requested it, etc.
    Construction drawing scooter - not released
    SAP DMS Document - Construction Drawing Roller
    This procedure ensures that in future documents are not passed on without the necessary status information. Instead, the status of the DMS documents is always transparently displayed.

    Connection to External Applications via Web Service

    In more and more companies the SAP is “only” a part of a complex system architecture and therefore it happens more often that a non-SAP system also needs access to documents in the SAP. In order to connect these non-SAP systems quickly and easily and to enable the stamping of additional information, SEAL Systems offers this stamping service (so-called Viewserver) as oData service.

    When connecting to external systems, the external application calls the oData service in SAP and requests a specific file. The file is then stamped and made available to the external application.

    Of course, it is possible to check whether external parties are allowed to see this document and it is also possible to log the accesses. This ensures that only certain documents are available to the external application and that it is logged who accessed which document and when.


    Example of a solution at Vestas Wind Systems

    For Vestas Wind Systems A/S, an international provider of wind and energy solutions, we were able to develop a solution that gives external user groups (such as technicians and maintenance staff) access to stamped SAP files. With the help of oData services, they thus receive all relevant information for wind turbine maintenance.
    Success Story Vestas Wind Systems



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