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Dynamic Stamps for SAP DMS

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    You are working in an environment using validation and wish to apply your SAP DMS documents with dynamic stamps? You want to achieve that no document is shown or printed without information for guidance such as, for example user, date and DIS key? We will show you how easy you can apply information such as stamps, watermarks or barcode on your SAP DMS originals!

    Your Starting Position

    As soon as a document is printed or shown from the SAP DMS, it loses its reference to the SAP. This means that you will no longer be able to connect the document with the document information record (DIS). Mapping of this sort is virtually impossible in particular in respect of external documents. A static stamp does not assist you here.

    With the DMS view component, DMS information can be burnt directly into the document, depending on the process requirement, using the function “Show document” (stamp before view), before the modified document is transferred to the respective viewing application. Therefore, the origin and status of a document is always clearly visible in the viewing display, during printing from the viewer, the display contains, for example, additional information labeled and stamped with DMS info record texts. Thereby verifiable document management is ensured also during the display from the SAP DMS.

    Two Steps to the Stamped File

    Step 1: What Shall Be Stamped?

    The first step is to define what is shall be stamped. For this purpose, a configuration is created in SAP, which contains the dynamic stamps. Dynamic in this case means that the stamp contains a variable, such as, for example, the document number. This variable is then translated into the corresponding value, e.g. the variable “document number” becomes the value “123456”.

    But not only the values of the DIS such as, f. ex. the status, can be established. This is also possible for characteristics from the classification, values of the user (name, cost center, etc.) or for values of linked material. The variables and fixed text specified in the configuration are then transmitted to a server to carry out the stamping.

    Step 2: Where Shall the Stamping Be Placed?

    It is determined on the server, in which position the stamp is to be applied. In addition, it is also specified whether a watermark or stamp should be applied, which font and size, whether or not the background is to be covered etc. When all this is done, you have the layout of the stamp. This is then used for the stamping of the values in step 1.

    Stamp Positions

    The dynamic stamp in the SAP DMS works with the transactions CV02N and CV03N as well as for automated access via BAPI. We also offer support for EASY DMS, ITS and the SAP Portal.

    Without Stamp
    Without Stamp
    With Stamp
    With Stamp

    You Require that the Documents Leaving the SAP Are Protected Against Modification?

    No problem! The process provides the option to change the various security setting, irrespective of whether this is the password security against changes or to prevent printing.

    You Require the Current Status Not in the Form of a Stamp but a Certain Previous Status?

    By accessing the status log of the document information record, we can determine the date/time when a certain status was set, as well as the user who carried out the status change.

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