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What Is Output Management in SAP/SAP Spool?

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    Standard SAP output functionality lacks the ability to track documents and format SAP forms. However, these issues can easily be remedied by implementing SEAL Systems’ Output Management.

    The SAP Output Process

    The SAP standard output process begins by selecting the documents and files to be printed. Then, the selected documents and files are transferred to the print server via the SAP spooler, and from there to the printer.

    SAP Requests: Spool and Output

    The SAP System differentiates between spool and output requests. Here is a summary of how the two requests are managed.

    SAP Spool Requests

    A SAP spool request is used when a document has been selected to print but it has not yet been output to a printer or another device. The data from the selected document is stored in a temporary format until an output request is created. The document can be displayed and accessed in the temporary format before it is output on a printer.

    SAP Output Requests

    A SAP output request entails transferring information from internal storage to different types of media such as a printer, e-mail, fax or electronic data interchange (EDI), which means an SAP output request outputs the print data initiated by a spool request on a specific device.

    SAP Output Problems

    There are two critical problems that companies experience with SAP’s standard output.

    Problem 1 –

    The SAP spooler transfers the files and documents to any printer. However, SAP’s standard document distribution functionality does not provide a way to track the document process.

    Problem 2 –

    When printing with the SAP standard printing function, the SAP forms have errors like tables are cut off, the forms do not correspond to the desired design, etc.

    The Solution: Output Management

    What is Output Management?

    Output Management is an information technology that aids in the formatting, organization, management and distribution of data that is created in applications like SAP.

    SEAL Systems’ SAP Output Management Solution

    SEAL Systems’ SAP Output Management solves the two critical SAP standard output problems because the solution:

    • Logs the distribution of your documents so that you can always see what, when and to whom the documents were distributed.
    • Converts SAP forms into the desired format and guarantees the same format when the forms are printed.

    How Our Solution Can Help You

    SEAL Systems’ SAP Output Management solution guarantees a secure, device-neutral and consistently transparent distribution of documents and information from SAP for all users and administrators. With SEAL Systems, you can handle your entire print and print-related SAP processes over one single system.

    An additional solution that our product provides is the enhancement of your outputs with barcodes, stamps and watermarks.

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