New White Paper: Secure + Pickup Printing

by Johannes Hesel

Titelseite-Secure-Pickup-EN-212x300 New White Paper: Secure + Pickup PrintingCorporate Output Management features a device independent Secure & PickUp Printing (Pull Printing) function. This way you can secure the output of all sensitive or confidential documents in your company by printing only after the user has identified himself directly at the printer he wants to retrieve his output from. In addition, a lot of unnecessary paper output can be saved if Secure & PickUp Printing is set as default configuration. Our Corporate Output Managment solution works independently from vendors, models and properties of your hardware.

What is Secure & Pickup Printing?

Secure & PickUp Printing (SPP), also called Follow(to)Me or Pull Printing, means that a user is not directly printing to a dedicated printer but to an SPP queue on a spool server. The output job of the user is spooled within this queue until the user is identifying and authorizing himself on a dedicated printer and releasing his print job for this printer.

Who needs Secure & Pickup Printing?

Secure & PickUp Printing could be interesting for all companies that are replacing local desktop printers by departmental multifunctional printers (MFP) and want to provide confidentiality to the users for the printing of non public information. It is also recommended for all companies that want to implement sustainable and “green” processes and solutions. Secure & PickUp printing keeps confidential information confidential and reduces the waste of paper drastically (up to 40%).

Learn more in our new white paper!



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