Electronic Registration of Signatures for Shipment

by Frank Reuter

SEAL Systems is excited to announce that our paperless production solution for SAP is now able to capture signatures electronically. The first implementation of this new function for digital manufacturing was for a shipping department. Using SEAL Systems, they were able to digitize the signature process for their transport orders.

In this article, you can read the three simple steps that are required to capture signatures electronically.


1. The Trigger

The trigger is the sending of a message about the transfer order. Our standard integration forwards the form generated by the message and creates a Document-Distribution-Director-Order (DDD order). Our standard integration forwards the form generated by the message and creates a DDD request for the form. The form and additional information are transferred via iDocs.

Blog-SAP-Elektronische-Erfassung-der-Unterschrift-im-Versand-01-Trigger-300x84 Electronic Registration of Signatures for Shipment
Output order in SAP including the parameters of the transport order


2. The Processing

The server for our paperless production retrieves the iDoc and stores the form and additional information. If the transport request is requested on a client (browser), the transport request is transferred from the server and displayed on the client (browser).

Depending on the type of transfer, there are two possible processes:

Air Cargo
The employee of the shipping department must provide some official information; then the truck driver is asked to provide their name and license plate number. The truck driver then signs the form using a tray or touch screen.

Non Air Cargo
No official details are required; only the name, license plate, and signature of the truck driver are required.

Blog-SAP-Elektronische-Erfassung-der-Unterschrift-im-Versand-02-Verarbeitung-1-233x300 Electronic Registration of Signatures for Shipment
Signed transport order in SEAL Systems’ paperless production


3. The Upload

The form (PDF), the signature, and the additional information are transmitted to the DPF (SEAL-Platform Digital Process Factory) via web service. The DPF applies the signature to the form and adds a stamp (driver name, license plate) to the form. In the last step the stamped form is uploaded as a BDS document into the transport order. This results in a signed transport order with all additional information, which is attached to the transport order as a BDS document.

Blog-SAP-Elektronische-Erfassung-der-Unterschrift-im-Versand-03-Upload-300x189 Electronic Registration of Signatures for Shipment
Stored signed transport request linked to the appropriate SAP transport request


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