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Plant Maintenance Orders Printing: Create Work Packages With One Click

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    Successful plant maintenance is reliant on a plan that ensures efficient and effective plant equipment optimization. Learn how you can lighten your workload by streamlining the attachment of documents in SAP.

    Plant Maintenance Orders Printing: The Challenge

    Plant maintenance or repairs require extensive, highly detailed work order packages to ensure proper safety protocols are always followed. To be able to complete the maintenance and repairs correctly, many companies heavily rely on work order packages to maintain the plant.

    These work order packages are maintained inside SAP’s Plant Maintenance (PM) module – and each package also requires extensive additional document attachments to be completed. Each document attachment in a work order package must be printed out manually. This is because there is no simple way to print all the work order package’s attachments with the work instructions and forms from SAP. Therefore, the tedious process of compiling work order packages usually resembles the following:

    • Print a document attachment
    • Retrieve the document attachment from the printer (so it does not get lost in someone else’s print job)
    • Collate the document attachment with the previously printed documents
    • Print the next document attachment
    • … and so on until all the document attachments for the work order package have been printed and collated

    Create Maintenance Work Order Packages with One Click

    SEAL Systems has condensed the printing of work order packages into one single step – and one click. With a comprehensive application, attachments can also contain different types of documents, e.g., graphics, drawings, etc. Whatever your tasks are, SEAL Systems will find all the corresponding attachments for your maintenance and service work.

    Screenshot: Output Job for Maintenance Works

    Finally, the complete output of the work documents is compiled together in the right order – all with the click of a button.

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    How to Attach Files to SAP PM Work Orders: Video

    Watch our video – How to Attach Files to SAP PM Work Orders – to see how our software helps attach files with a click of the mouse.

    Plant Maintenance Orders Printing: Success Story

    Nebraska Public Power District was able to reduce its average work package assembly time from 9 minutes to nearly only 1 minute! Our solution also helped streamline the process so that one individual could handle the workload – an unheard of task before our solution was implemented.

    Free Case Study

    Learn more about how SEAL Systems was able to increase the efficiency of Nebraska Public Power District’s operations by reading the full customer story.