5 Benefits to a Digital Manufacturing Solution

by Debra Garls

SEAL Systems’ digital manufacturing solution – Paperless Production – provides many benefits by streamlining the production process. To best illustrate this, we have compiled a list of five benefits you can experience when a digital manufacturing solution is implemented.

Make Production Orders Available Automatically

Manage production orders right away

SEAL Systems’ Paperless Production software automatically sends the data from SAP to the appropriate workstation along with other documents such as drawings, test reports, specification lists, etc. So, workers have all the information they need to do a particular job. Therefore, you no longer need to print and distribute production orders – and that includes all relevant additional documents that are linked to specific production resources and tools, material planning documents and/or documents related to service objects.

Changes to Production Orders – or Modification to Drawings

Change production orders and modify drawings easily

Changes or modifications to drawings that are made in SAP are automatically distributed to workstations, which means production specifications are based on the most recent information. You don’t have to print the order or drawing again, and you don’t have to search for the order on the production line or swap old drawings for newer ones. With our digital manufacturing solution, the updates are made seamlessly in the process.

Updates Made Easy

Eliminate the cumbersome manual update process

In many companies, the printed production order is not only the source of information for the production order itself (What? When? How many?), it is also the medium for all different types of updates (e.g., manual notes related to work times, scrap from production orders end up being printed and then transferred into SAP, etc.) With Paperless Production, this time-consuming, manual process is no longer a problem because changes are automatically stored in the system with a click of a button.

That means:

  • You can make simple updates direct from a workstation.
  • There are no breaks in communication caused by paper delays.
  • There is a documented transaction history.
  • Your production management receives updates on material quantities, scrap, the causes of scrap, serial numbers, batches, and QA data.

Know What/Where the Production is Taking Place

Understand when and where production is taking place and what is being produced

Production management finally has access to the most current facts and figures. They do not have to wait until someone has entered the data into the system. With our solution, they have the report at their fingertips in real-time. Discrepancies between targets and actuals can be directly analyzed and corrected. All of this helps ensure smooth production operations.

Decrease Paper and Printer Costs

Save money and eliminate paper waste

In addition to the savings on paper, the cost of keeping the printer working properly can be a staggering amount. In a Dash users report, a railroad equipment manufacturer cut production lead times by 3-4 days across the board by moving their processes to digital. With a digital manufacturing solution that makes information accessible on touchscreens, this savings can be experienced while also eliminating the waste of completed production orders.

Transform Your Company into a Digital Factory

Make digital manufacturing a reality today

With a solution that is out-of-the-box, modular, and scalable – SEAL Systems’ Paperless Production software is easily implemented. Learn more about how our solution can help your company by checking out the following information:


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