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PLOSSYS 5: A Success Story Is Being Rewritten

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    For 25 years SEAL Systems offers with PLOSSYS netdome a robust and powerful solution for Corporate Output Management, which is trusted by more than 1,500 customers. In order to continue this success in the future under the requirements of a dynamically developing IT world, SEAL Systes has been developing a new product of the PLOSSYS series for some time now, which is especially designed for cloud operation in architecture and technology, without renouncing the possibilities of installation on prices. In the future both operating modes can even be combined.

    New Version

    With PLOSSYS 5 you can use the proven features of the PLOSSYS series and at the same time the latest software technology – e.g. for operation in the cloud.

    A central aspect of the new development is its microservice architecture: the monolithic structure of earlier products has been split up into small, modular service units that cooperate with each in a flexible way. As a result, Version 5 is not only able to combine the right services for each use case, but can also react quickly to variable peak load situations. If necessary, several services of the same type are simply activated. It makes no technical difference whether these services operate on premise or in the cloud: PLOSSYS 5 always takes care of seamless integration.

    These Are Your Advantages

    PLOSSYS 5 is…

    • … fast
      PLOSSYS 5 is designed for high throughput and short response times. Millions of print jobs per day, which have to be sent to the printer in seconds? No problem. This makes PLOSSYS 5 especially interesting for time-critical applications like POS and label printing.
    • … safe
      In times of global data theft, the effective protection of your documents is existentially important. Even if the way to the printer is through the public cloud: your data is well protected.
      PLOSSYS 5 uses strong encryption and robust security technology to make life difficult for attackers.
    • … flexible
      PLOSSYS 5 consists of modular components that can be flexibly combined, scaled according to performance requirements and optimized for different application scenarios. With PLOSSYS 5 you adapt your output management solution to your requirements – not vice versa.
    • … error tolerant
      Printing services do not fail! PLOSSYS 5 does everything to make this promise come true. If services, computers or whole data centers fail – no problem. PLOSSYS 5 recognizes the situation and automatically switches to other resources with its services.
    • … cloud compatible
      With its microservice architecture PLOSSYS 5 is a true cloud application that can run in public, private or hybrid cloud environments and can be installed on-premises. Different operating models can be combined. And the necessary processing of print jobs on the fly speeds up the output considerably.
    • … serverless
      With PLOSSYS 5 from the cloud you can realize Corporate Output Management without any server components in your own IT landscape. Manage your solution globally in the cloud, the PLOSSYS client connects to the local printer. And if there is more to print, the PLOSSYS Print Appliance provides an optimal distribution between local processing and cloud operation. By the way: even if you want to run PLOSSYS On Premises, a part of the processing can easily be outsourced to the cloud.

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