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SEAL Systems Management Team



Michael-Koch Management

Michael Koch, Chairman of the Board

“At the beginning of 2017, I took over the management of the SEAL Systems Group from my father Josef Koch and I consider myself lucky to work with such a promising and friendly company. As CEO, it is particularly important to me to develop potential at all levels, as well as individual and joint further development. For me, companies are living, conscious organisms that can only be understood and developed as a whole. What applies to every individual who deals intensively with issues of personality development also applies to a company in my eyes: Those who consistently work on themselves have the chance to achieve results that far exceed their own expectations. I support and develop this perspective and the applied leadership and management principles derived from it together with my team with a focus on human resources, corporate development and system energetics. My vision is to make SEAL Systems known as a pioneer of a new working environment: A company that is in full power and bloom for the benefit of all involved and always strives for something higher.”

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The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.



Johannes Hesel, Executive Board

Hesel_Johannes_06_final_Druck-200x300 Management

“I am a member of the SEAL Systems family for more than 27 years now. It is fascinating to see how we have been able to adapt to the changed challenges of the market during this time. We have evolved from a provider of plot management and conversion solutions for some special graphic formats to a provider of platforms for enterprise-wide document preparation and distribution. Our solutions and the interesting customer projects we implement with them inspire each and every day anew. We are driven by our motto of being the customer’s first choice. We know that we cannot rest on what we have achieved. We are facing up to technical change so that we can continue to offer best-of-class products tomorrow. In my responsibility for the operational business, I am happy to meet these challenges with our great team.”


Palitzsch_Lars_09_final_mail-200x300 Management

Lars Palitzsch, Head of Business Unit Solutions for SAP

Together with Doris Scherer, I manage the business unit Solutions for SAP and I am responsible for software development. In this business area, we develop solutions that supplement the SAP standard and help our customers to map document-based processes in SAP more simply, securely and efficiently. In addition, we are facing up to the challenge of meeting the new requirements of our customers and the technical further development of SAP solutions. This would not be possible without a dedicated development team that works in the same direction from specification through implementation to testing in different tasks. My responsibility is to organize this team and our projects. It is my claim to be a competent contact for technical and organizational questions within SEAL Systems and for our customers.

Reusch_Thomas_01_final_mail-200x300 Management

Thomas Reusch, Head of Business Units Convert & Publish Solutions and Solutions for PLM

I have been working for SEAL Systems for more than 30 years now. As head of the business unit Convert & Publish Solutions, me and my team take care that companies can automatically convert documents into long-term formats such as PDF/A. With our Corporate Conversion Server, we have created a central service that enables companies to fulfill this task in a uniform and high-quality manner. Subjects such as digital signatures, the automatic application of stamps & watermarks and direct publishing complete the solution portfolio. In 2017, I also became the new head of the Solutions for PLM business unit. The focus here is on integrating document processing into PLM systems such as Teamcenter. Within these business areas, I see myself as a technical partner and problem solver fin the field of “digital paper”. The word “Solution”, which is part of the two business area names, is very important to us. Based on standard products, we develop technically very sophisticated, often highly individualized solutions for our customers. Achieving top performance in this area motivates us every day from the start. My vision is quite clearly the transition – already partially completed – to a holistic service offering. This means that we do not leave our customers alone with the operation of the software and also that solutions can be used jointly and thus more efficiently. To make a long story short: My wish is to create increasingly better structures in order to grow together with our customers.

Scherer_Doris_03_final_mail-200x300 Management

Doris Scherer, Head of Business Unit Solutions for SAP

Together with Lars Palitzsch, I manage the business unit “Solutions for SAP” and I am responsible for our consultants and sales in this area. Our success is mainly based on close cooperation with our customers. We always appreciate feedback from our customers and partners. Only this way can we develop practicable solutions that make our customers’ business processes significantly faster, simpler and more secure. What is particularly important to me is that everyone feels at home in our working environment and is taken seriously as a person and team player. At SEAL Systems we can rely on each other. We achieve this through open, honest and constructive communication, which we also like to share with our customers. My vision is a dynamic, youthful company that is always open to reflection and change, because nothing is as constant as change! That is why we are constantly analysing how we can implement processes even better, more transparently and more target-oriented in order to further optimise our previous services.

Strauss-Angela-200x300 ManagementAngela Strauß, Head of Finance, Controlling and Human Resources

In all visions, a stable foundation is needed to pursue and realize them. Due to our continuing success, we at SEAL Systems can build on such a foundation. We have managed to establish a solid numerical basis, well-rehearsed processes and a functional internal administration. This gives us a high level of decision-making freedom and the opportunity to realize what is important to us. For me SEAL Systems represents fair cooperation and equal treatment. This is the cornerstone for a long-term, successful cooperation, internally as well as with customers and suppliers. We create freedom in which each individual can contribute his or her individual strengths. The goal is a colourful, diverse SEAL community in which it is fun to work. For the future I believe there is a great opportunity, but also a challenge in our growing company size and the constantly changing environment. Many areas are rapidly renewing themselves, and I am looking forward to taking part in designing these upcoming changes. The task will be to find our own way – a balance between the proven and new concepts and ideas.

Thomas Tikwinski, Head of Business Unit Corporate Output Management

Tikwinski_Thomas_2 Management

At SEAL Systems I am responsible for Corporate Output Management, especially product development and innovation. My passion are elegant, durable and efficient solutions for complex technical problems. These solutions are developed by selected small teams of highly qualified experts who are able to analytically understand such problems, design adequate solutions and implement them technically perfect. This would be impossible without the willingness of our employees to become enthusiastic about the complex and multifaceted topic of output management and without the stamina to constantly improve themselves and our solutions. This way would be equally impossible without the right framework conditions and a common vision of how we can best support our customers as a company. Creating these conditions is my task. My goal is to constantly reshape this vision. Leading this team and representing our products is my profession.

Alexander Zabold, Head of Business Unit Corporate Output Management

Zabold-Alexander-200x300 Management

Together with Thomas Tikwinski, I manage the Corporate Output Management business segment. Previously, I worked in this business segment for several years as a project engineer. I regard it as my task as business segment manager to work on solutions in the present as well as in the future that bring the greatest advantage to our customers. Together with my team I develop strategies that keep SEAL Systems and our business segment on the road to success. One of my main tasks is to answer important strategic questions: What are the needs of our customers at the moment and how will they change in the future? What issues do I need to address in my business? Which new projects should we tackle? Where is our market moving? Customer contact enables me to see exactly what our customers need and how they see their future development. As an industrial engineer, I see my great strength in dual training. For me, technology is not an end in itself; I also see the big picture behind it. Various factors such as the benefits and costs of products play their part in keeping a company healthy and successful. In my opinion, we are achieving this very well! A big advantage is that we can rely on almost 40 years of experience and can combine this with new technologies. I am very proud that our Output Management System has enabled us to put existing know-how on a new level and create a technological standard that cannot be found in any other industry. At the moment, we are very focused on issues such as the cloud and paperless output processes, because these challenges will have a strong impact on the future.



SEAL-Systems-David-Salamanek-web Management

David Salamanek, CEO SEAL Systems Inc.

With 18 years at SEAL Systems in various roles, and as managing director for the US based operation over the past nine years, it is fulfilling to work with a creative and highly motivated team of professionals. As global cooperation necessitates and encourages new and exciting methods of business engagement and technological innovation, we look to the organically virtualized communities to help guide our efforts in improving our software and cooperation with our clients, partners, and industry communities. The future of digital industry and communication promises to further push the blurring boundaries of information sharing between individuals, companies, and regions world-wide. For this, we are forming outreach programs to ensure that we help enable the communities seeking self-improvement and process refinement to succeed through our direct connections, software automation, and secure information expertise. By listening to our customers and partners, we will build bridges and promote positive exchange with productive discussion and inspired thinking.