Easy Controlling and Management of Large Format Output over Plotters

Plot Management

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Even in these times of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, many of our customers still rely on large formatter printing (plotting) between A0, A1 and A2, be it production in industrial areas (often combined with dirt, where tablets fail) or the production of wiring harnesses, which makes extra-long paper templates necessary.

The standard print drivers of individual plotter manufacturers all have different appearances and can only be manually operated from the CAD application. A lot of large format printers in the company means the use of many different print drivers, which can quickly become confusing.

The Alternative to so Many Drivers

As an alternative, comprehensive plot management can supply both CAD users and the copy center with one single software solution. Here client commissioning is retained for the design and for technical employees through a universal web client or uniform drivers.

Streamlining and effective processing, however, are first achieved through the interplay of central software applications. If the design of drawings and the product lifecycle is managed in the PLM or PDM system and linked with business processes in ERP, this creates a process-secure document management. The central plot management can be commissioned from these business processes and provided with important status- and metadata or work instructions. This prevents the wrong CAD drawings from getting into the production process.

Process-secure Document Management

All large-format plotters are managed in the plot management and supplied with their printer-specific properties. Functions like “scaling, rotation, stamp and end processing via folding machine” can also be configured. All commissioned plot orders from the client (CAD application) and batch processing (PLM, PDM and ERP systems) are presented and recorded in a clear manner. This gives the end user a good overview over the plotting job and does away with the need to inquire about its status in central IT or in the copy center.

The exchange of your printer and plotter is only a matter of time. Then plot management shows its real strengths. The new large format printer is set up centrally: printer name, links, and drivers need no longer be aligned. Along with printing in neutral formats like PDF, TIFF, CGM, and JPEG, native CAD formats are also prepared for output. This requires an intelligent conversion which updates layer and title block if needed and enhances variables, status and metadata.

Easy Plotting with SEAL Systems

Bring order to your engineering processes – with the first plot management system ever developed, PLOSSYS® Output Engine from SEAL Systems, which satisfies the demands of users and administrators alike. PLOSSYS® Output Engine brings together all valuable benefits for stable, easy printing and output process, from automated document distribution for higher productivity, to large-scale processing and scaling for a consistent appearance from all print devices. Associated procedures like publishing allow the creation of technical documentation, manuals and other engineering documents at the press of a button. Intelligent services for conversion and archiving round out this easy, hassle-free package from SEAL Systems.


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