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Digital Production: Save Paper in Manufacturing

Transparent processes, up-to-date documents, and saving time, money and paper.

Digital Production: Save Paper in Manufacturing

Paperless – or digital – production makes manufacturing processes safer, more up-to-date, and faster!

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Make Industry4.0 a reality with the conversion of your production processes from paper to digital processes: your personnel receive all up-to-date order data and documents on their workplace monitors. These monitors are not only used for display, but are also available for confirmation of processes, the recording of charges and serial numbers, and confirmation of test criteria. Naturally, videos can also be included for complicated production processes. If you provide your personnel and suppliers with documents electronically, paperless production (=PALO) offers you the possibility to include 3D models from CAD and further important documents for the production process.

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SEAL Systems paperlessproduction4SAP offers you:

  • A flexible configurable interface for the display of information/documents
  • A convenient display of different document formats
  • Uncomplicated confirmation of work times
  • The fast recording of charges and serial numbers
  • The possibility to create customer-specific enhancements

Optimize your production processes and join the “Age of the Internet of Things”!

elvis_vonoben_tablett-249x300 Paperless ProductionConventional output on paper is easy and economical, and paper is also very mobile. But paper also comes with disadvantages, such as information on paper not being up to date, because as soon as paper is printed, the information is separated from the source. If the information is changed at the source, the paper doesn’t get updated. Likewise, notes made on the paper have to be manually transferred into the computer system. Tablets and smartphones now make it possible to make information available digitally, currently and completely to diverse end devices.

gluehbirne-gespiegelt-185x300 Paperless ProductionWith paperless production, SEAL Systems replicates the advantages of paper via the latest technologies while offsetting its disadvantages. This gives you a clear added value in your production processes.


Your benefits:

  • Swift and uncomplicated provision of important information/documents
  • Timeliness of documents
  • An optimized flow of information
  • Confirmation of work hours
  • High data quality
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Saving of paper, time and personnel
  • High transparency over the production process

We guarantee you a smooth integration into your SAP environment!

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