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Corporate Output Management -
What is it?

Company-wide distribution of documents and information

Corporate Output Management -
What is it?
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The distribution and provision of physical or electronic documents and information are among the most important core processes in a company. This is the precise focus of output management. Or put in more specific terms:


We understand the term ‘enterprise output management’ to relate to all of the requirements and problems surrounding the company-wide distribution of documents and information.


Make sure that you don’t leave this core process to chance! With the central Output Management System software from SEAL Systems, you create security and efficiency.

Application Environment

The output management system from SEAL Systems provides device-neutral, secure and entirely transparent document and information distribution from SAP – for all users and administrators.


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The Windows MasterDriver, winner of the Innovation Award, works in the Output Management Engine from SEAL Systems. This means you are able to transact all of your analog and electronic Windows printing processes with just one driver.


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The SEAL Systems output management system provides you with the functionality of automated and coherent document distribution for Teamcenter, SAP PLM and many additional PLM/PDM systems (Windchill, Enovia, Keytech PLM, Profile, etc.). Incomplete and inaccurate documents in engineering processes are a thing of the past!


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“Mobile printing” is what we call printing documents, photos or email attachments directly from a mobile end device on any printer in the network. With the usual PLOSSYS functionality – device-neutral, transparent and secure.


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Additional Functions

With SEAL Systems’ printer management, all connected output systems are maintained in one central database. New printers can be added to the printer database easily and quickly using a web interface.


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SEAL Systems provides administrators with straightforward display and monitoring of all devices and their operating statuses in one location.


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Integrated encryption and compression mechanisms in the output management system protect your data from unauthorized external access, but also from within your company network.


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Secure & PickUp Printing is our name for an output method where the printouts are not printed on the selected printer and authorizes the print job. Instead, these are held back until the user identifies himself at the printer and authorises the output.


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This means that the same driver is used every time for jobs coming from Windows applications – no matter which printer the user wants to use.


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MINDFORMS, the biggest forms development team in the European region stands for technology independent forms consultation and development.


Together with our Partner Cartago Live®, we provide you with an XML-based form management solution that facilitates consistent separation of content and layout for business information.


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With our RUMAN rule manager, types of rules and standards can be reproduced without having to engage a programmer every time the rules need to be adjusted. Users and system supporters can create and modify rules themselves easily.


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Who printed what, when, to where and from which application? Output management is the simplest way to get you the answers – quick. The output management engine from SEAL Systems logs all important information about a printing process.


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Typical Questions

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  • Output management is highly recommended to all companies and organizations that want to create efficiency and security in their output infrastructure and want to reduce their printing costs.
  • It is of interest to all service providers and providers of IT systems who want to offer their customers an output management landscape that can be managed and monitored centrally – and is also individual.
  • It aims to address all responsible for IT infrastructures who finally want to spend less time on administration and seeking/rectifying faults and errors.
  • Most importantly, output management aims to assist every user: because printing should always be easy and should always work!

gluehbirne-185x300 OverviewThe Corporate Output Management from SEAL Systems links every application with every output channel. It processes every data format from every company application (SAP, Windows®, Microsoft Office, terminal servers, PLM and CAD, smart phones, tablets, web-applications, digital archives, and DMS). It also ensures smooth, optimally managed outputs from across every company application. It also provides a wide range of functions regarding every aspect of your printing infrastructure and printing processes.

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Our Output Management Engine

Our output management engine PLOSSYSnetdome is the heart of our output management solutions.

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