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Another Software Upgrade? … Why?

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    Does This Sound Familiar?

    We’ve all been there. You get that notification on your smartphone, from the operating system on your PC, or from management notifying everyone that some process will change. “Upgrades and improvements”, we are told. Most often, we take a deep breath, roll our eyes, and wonder how much time it will take to adjust and become proficient at this particular task again. We lean in and hope the learning curve will not be too painful. We go through training. We struggle to find icons, legacy data, remember passwords, recover missing functionality, and understand a new user interface. Change is often filled with a great deal of challenges.

    As a rule, most human beings don’t like change. Especially when it comes to the processes in their workplace that can have a big impact on their productivity and performance, however, progress requires change. Luckily some solutions make a process more efficient and do not require end-user training.

    No End-User Training Needed … Really!

    SEAL Systems offers companies modular, scalable, out-of-the-box solutions that require no end-user training. Whether it is automating the production and distribution of Maintenance Work OrdersProduction PacketsPurchase Orders, or other complex documents, the end user’s experience remains the same while the process itself takes less time and effort.

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