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SAP Output Functions – Services to Object (GOS)

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    Output functions for SAP processes and accompanying documents can be initiated in different ways. Until now there have been separate transactions and the direct integration into the SAP process. In the meantime these functions are available through object services (“GenericObject Services”). In this blog post we will introduce two practical examples of this mode of integration to you.

    Order: Notification, Verification, subsequent Delivery of Documents

    A consultant should be able to easily determine which documents have already been sent to a supplier for an order. You can jump directly to the relevant output jobs through object services in the SAP order transactions (me2xn). The function determines all output jobs, which have previously been generated by this order and simultaneously checks if new versions of the documents are available, which have not been previously issued. If so, then this information is displayed in a pop-up. Subsequently the list of relevant output jobs will be displayed and the newest order will be opened. This is especially helpful in long standing orders where there have been alterations of construction.

    Customer’s Order: Documents for the Bill of Materials

    You would like to identify documents without a customer’s bill of materials. You can jump directly to the SEAL Systems itemized bill of materials through “object services” in the SAP customer sales order transaction. Thereby all the materials from the customer order are transferred to the bill of materials. The further structural resolution takes places through the standard function of the known good practices from SEAL Systems for document investigation.
    Screenshot: Customer's Order