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Link Generic Object Service (GOS) Documents in SAP through Object Services

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    In this article we’ll show you how to link Generic Object Service (GOS) documents in SAP over Object Services with a business object.

    SAP offers the storage of documents (incoming invoices, shipping notices, order confirmations, quality certificates, etc.) through Object Services for many business objects (purchase orders, production orders, maintenance orders, invoices, etc.). Object Services are always found in the same place in the SAP GUI. Here we show you the position by using a production order:

    Screenshot: Change the manufacturing order: Header

    Basically, there are two different ways in SAP for storing through Object Services:

    1. GOS documents (Generic Object Services)
    2. BDS -documents

    Storing of Generic Object Service documents

    1. GOS (Generic Object Services) documents

    Generic Object Services provides a fast and easy way to link documents with a business object. Documents are stored on an available ArchiveLink server.

    How to store a document:

    Open the menu and select: Create→Create Asset.

    Screenshot: Production Order Change: Header

    Select and click on the document that is to be uploaded to open it.

    Note that the document remains in the system, independent of whether the business object – in our case the production order – is saved or not.

    Screenshot: Document remains in the system

    The uploaded document is now available in the Asset List. To open the Asset List, open the menu and click on Asset List.

    Screenshot: To open the Asset List, open the menu and click on Asset List

    Open the document by double clicking on it.

    Screenshot: Open the document by double clicking on it

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