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How to Attract and Retain a Quality Manufacturing Workforce Today

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    One of the top challenges facing manufacturers today is the skills gap that exists in the sector. According to Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute’s talent study, Creating Pathways For Tomorrow’s Workforce Today, the manufacturing skills gap is anticipated to leave 2.1 million jobs unfilled by 2030 and could cost the U.S. economy as much as $1 trillion.

    Add to this the fact that it takes an average of 70 days to recruit skilled production workers, and the need for manufacturers to attract and retain a quality workforce has never been more important.

    Create Clear, Accurate Job Descriptions

    While a firm might be able to attract great talent with a job description that oversells the position, the new starter is likely to become dispirited and ultimately leave if they discover the role isn’t as they thought. If this happens, the manufacturer will need to spend more time and money recruiting for the position again.

    That’s why manufacturers need to create job descriptions that are both clear and accurate from the start.

    Here are some tips for creating a strong job description:

    •  Start with a short, engaging overview
    •  Be transparent and concise
    •  Don’t use internal jargon
    •  Include the specific job title, not something generic
    •  Outline key responsibilities, requirements and expectations
    •  Promote the company culture, mission, vision and values
    •  Highlight any potential growth opportunities

    Develop Your Internal Talent Pipeline

    The manufacturing sector moves and changes at a rapid pace. Firms that want to retain a quality workforce need to ensure they are enabling their employees to do the same by providing suitable learning and development (L&D) programs.

    As well as allowing manufacturing firms to adopt and leverage the latest industry innovations, L&D can also improve a company’s staff turnover levels. That’s because workers who feel appreciated and are given the opportunity to develop are more likely to remain loyal and remain with a firm for the long haul.

    Many don’t realize that the manufacturing industry has a wide range of salaries and positions, meaning there is ample opportunity for progression.

    Retain a Quality Workforce with the Tools They Need to Be Successful

    The manufacturing industry has long suffered from an image problem. It’s often associated with production lines and repetitive work. Firms that want to break this stereotype and retain a quality workforce can do so by taking advantage of the latest technological advances such as AI and automation.

    By embarking on a digital transformation journey towards Industry 4.0, manufacturers can transform their traditional, manual production lines into highly efficient, high-tech operations that people want to be a part of.

    The next generation of manufacturing personnel is going to be one that is highly skilled and technology-driven. Its focus will be on streamlining production work so attention can be spent on more important areas.

    Use the Skills Gap To Your Advantage

    In the face of a broadening skills gap and given the length of time it takes to recruit, manufacturers need to concentrate on attracting and retaining the right talent, ultimately using the situation to their advantage.

    By focusing on job descriptions, developing their internal talent pipeline and implementing the latest technology/?lang=en for their workers to use, manufacturers can go a significant way towards not only attracting the right people but ensuring they stay and grow with the firm.

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