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PLOSSYS Distribution Engine: The Upgrade for your Document Distribution

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    Digitization is advancing in all industries and changing the way companies work. More and more processes are being handled digitally – from order processing and invoicing to document distribution. Ultimately, this offers many advantages such as time and cost savings. However, digitization also brings complexity. This is due to the fact that different systems and data formats now have to be integrated and documents distributed in many ways. To fully exploit the potential of digitization, companies must be able to keep track of the distributed information at all times and ensure smooth digital document exchange. Optimized document distribution is therefore a must here.

    PLOSSYS Distribution Engine: The Solution for Complex Document Distribution

    This is where SEAL Systems’ PLOSSYS Distribution Engine comes in. It was developed on the basis of modern technologies to enable a reliable digital document flow even in complex IT system landscapes. At the push of a button, documents can be distributed to customers, partners and internal departments via one or more distribution channels. Independent of the source system, documents are automatically processed and prepared for distribution. Thus, the PLOSSYS Distribution Engine ensures an optimized document distribution.

    Maximum flexibility for document distribution

    Users have maximum flexibility in distribution. It is possible, after all, to transmit documents by e-mail, via a customer portal, or by an API to other systems. Also printing and sending by mail is still an option.

    The engine converts documents into the required format if necessary and stamps them digitally if required. Even archiving of the distributed documents in SAP is possible.

    Interfaces for document transfer

    The PLOSSYS Distribution Engine has flexible interfaces that allow documents to be transferred from various source systems alongside output parameters. This allows companies to make optimal use of the strengths of the PLOSSYS Distribution Engine as a platform system and to organize their document distribution more efficiently.

    The most important interfaces are

    • PLOSSYS 5 interface: This interface takes over job data for digital distribution and sends feedback about the distribution status.
    • SAP integration: The SAP integration into the SEAL Systems process output solutions enables the PLOSSYS Distribution Engine to take over document lists for the distribution processes and to retrieve the documents from SAP. This also includes re-archiving if necessary.
    • Rest API: The Rest API offers a flexible connection of job systems.

    Wide range of distribution methods

    The PLOSSYS Distribution Engine offers a wide range of options for document distribution. This versatility allows companies to take full advantage of automation and ensures optimized document distribution. Here are some of the distribution methods supported by the engine:

    Superior functionality

    The PLOSSYS Distribution Engine offers a variety of advantages compared to other solutions on the market:

    • Direct integration into the SAP process output solutions of SEAL Systems and thus support of a wide range of business processes in SAP
    • Conversion and linking of file attachments
    • Adaptation of PDF to the PDF/A standard
    • Handling of protected PDFs
    • Merging and zipping of documents for digital distribution
    • Detection of metadata such as validity and object description
    • Sequence and device-independent output
    • Re-archiving in SAP

    These features make PLOSSYS Distribution Engine a technologically advanced choice for companies that need reliable and optimized document distribution.

    Increased efficiency through automation for your SAP system

    Many SEAL Systems customers already benefit from our solution for automatic collection and distribution of documents to a business process in SAP. Forms, file attachments and distribution lists, which previously had to be manually compiled and distributed, are now processed in a fully automated process with SEAL Systems’ technology and distributed at the push of a button.

    The PLOSSYS Distribution Engine now further optimizes document preparation and digital distribution and makes it much more convenient. Thus, the PLOSSYS Distribution Engine replaces customer-specific scripts with standardized workflows. This simplifies the setup and makes solutions for digital distribution much more flexible and easier to support. This allows you to make your document and data distribution even more efficient and future-proof.

    This future-proofing comes not least from the combination with PLOSSYS 5. The powerful Enterprise Output Management Engine not only makes it possible to use the previous advantages of process output solutions for SAP in a cloud environment, it also relies on a modern microservice architecture.


    With the PLOSSYS Distribution Engine, companies maintain an overview of the status of document distribution at all times. It meets the highest requirements for compliance and traceability. SEAL Systems thus enables companies to take advantage of the opportunities of digitization while efficiently managing their complex document processes. Customer companies benefit from more efficient document management and happier employees.

    The PLOSSYS Distribution Engine thus creates enormous added value for companies that need fast, reliable and optimized document distribution.