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Output Management For SAP: Four Reasons to Centralize Your System

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    Centralized output management is imperative to providing a system that securely and efficiently distributes documents enterprise-wide. Additional benefits to corporate output management include trackability for all printers in one place, reduction of IT operational costs, printer availability, and more!

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    Track All Your Printers in One Place

    Centralized output management makes it possible to track the status of a print job in SAP any time – and from anywhere. It provides administrators with a straightforward display and monitoring of all devices. Therefore, administrators can easily monitor and control all output devices and processes from one place.

    Reduce IT Operational Costs

    Where all printing tasks were previously completed individually using other solutions, a centralized output management system controls all processes from one place. Therefore, the management of large printer infrastructures, setup, and maintenance is simplified by connecting and synchronizing all system environments. This means that new printers can be added to the printer database quickly and easily using a simple web interface.

    Securely & Efficiently Distribute Documents Enterprise-Wide

    The ability to transfer and deliver the appropriate documents and information to customers, suppliers, coworkers, and other stakeholders is imperative in today’s business environment. Companies that implement a centralized output management solution avoid delays and problems from inaccurate documents because the system links all applications with every distribution channel. Therefore, by processing the data format from every company application (SAP, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, CAD, smartphones, tablets, web-applications, etc.), applications can be linked with all distribution channels enterprise-wide.

    Printers Are Always Available

    With an output management solution, the permanent availability of all critical output servers and devices is provided with the implementation of load distribution and failover mechanisms. Transparency for all print processes is also now possible, and the integrated encryption and compression mechanisms protect your data from unauthorized access during the production and printing process.

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    SEAL Systems Output Management – What Sets Us Apart

    Control Printers from One Print Driver

    SEAL Systems solution controls 98% of a customer’s print machines from one print driver. Once printers have been set up, our software automatically makes the printers available in SAP and Windows.

    Dynamic Solution – Not Dependent on Any Manufacturer

    Our technology is a corporate platform. It can process any output demands you might have, and it frees up your enterprise to use any printer manufacturer you want.

    Additional Benefits

    Our software also provides the below benefits:

    • High Availability/Fail-Safe/Load Balancing
    • Enhanced Security
    • Process Transparency
    • Control of Devices with Optimized Drivers
    • Maximum Security