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Digital Production: Increase Your Capacity with a Mobile Solution

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    Now that most manufacturing companies are coming back online, they are having to adjust to new requirements like social distancing. To address these new challenges, and to meet customer demand and timelines, companies are having to find ways to increase production. In the blog below, learn the top three ways a company can increase capacity, and how a new solution – digital production – can increase your capacity without being expensive or time-consuming.

    The Importance of Increasing Capacity

    Understanding production capacity is vital for a manufacturing company to work at its optimal level and meet customer expectations. When a company is trying to increase its capacity, there are three options to choose from …

    Option 1: Hire New People

    More people may be needed for production to meet orders. However, adding new employees is either impossible right now because of social distancing, or it is time-consuming because the new hires need to be trained.

    Option 2: Bring in Equipment

    Adding new equipment can increase a company’s production capacity. But new equipment is not a quick fix for this problem because it requires time to get the new equipment up and running, and it usually is accompanied with a high price tag.

    Option 3: Space

    If you are in a manufacturing plant and you are already at capacity, you may not have the physical space to add more people or equipment. If this is the case, additional facilities and equipment will have to be purchased in order to expand production. This process can take years, but you need to increase capacity now. Is there another option available?

    Increase Your Capacity by Making Your Processes More Efficient

    All three of these options (hire new people, bring in equipment, and add space) can increase your capacity. However, all of these choices are time-consuming and expensive. But it does not have to be this way.

    Option 4: A Digital Production Solution

    SEAL Systems’ digital production solution, Paperless Production, increases production capacity by making it more efficient.

    With our software, all of your information is made digital, and makes the following possible:

    • Feedback (working hours, material quantity, scrapped quantity) can be easily captured and put back into SAP
    • Information is available to other work groups, so everyone is up to date
    • Operators are always looking at accurate information
    • Data and documents are encrypted for security

    Therefore, by using a digital production solution, you can increase your capacity without having to bring more people on, buy equipment, or increase space/add new facilities.

    Video Overview: Digital Production

    To further see how digitizing your production process can help you. Watch the below video for a short overview of our Paperless Production solution to learn more about the benefits you can expect with our software.

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