How to Extend the SAP Standard in the Area of Output Management and Conversion?

What is SAP?


SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP system) which supports all of a company’s business processes. SAP ERP was developed and sold by SAP SE. SAP SE was founded in 1972 by five entrepreneurs. Around 300,000 customers from 25 industry branches are on the list of references.

Modules as Components

The SAP system consists of various modules which are linked to one another over a database. The consolidation of data in the databases makes it possible to carry out planning via different company areas.

SAP Modules Include:
Human Resources
Material Management
Product Life Cycle
Document Management

The Perfect Process Control

Processes can be perfectly controlled with the help of an SAP ERP system. This also includes extensive preliminary cost calculations, the production process with the help of materials management, and the subsequent final cost calculation. Needed resources, such as working times, materials, and raw materials can be planned well and on schedule.

The SAP standard does not offer certain functions in the area of conversion and output management. For example, it is not possible to convert technical documents from long-term formats (PFD, PDF/A, STEP). Likewise, no possibility exists innately in SAP to output or distribute work papers of SAP objects (e.g. orders) with all their supporting accompanying documents.

SEAL Systems solutions take care of these functions!


Moreover, the output management system from SEAL Systems can be used as an enterprise output management system across systems. This creates the possibility to print all SAP forms independent of printer manufacturer, and distribute them in digital or analog form).


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