Automate the Collection and Distribution of Company Documents

What Are Information Packages?

SEAL Systems’ software has the capability of integrating the below elements and putting them into complete packages.

  • Purchase order
  • Documents on the material
  • Documents on the supplier
  • Documents on the order item
  • Documents on the order
  • Documents on the product line
  • Generic Object Service (GOS) objects of the order
  • BDS documents of the order

The compiled information packages are distributed as PDFs and can include a cover page (if needed).

In addition to combining the necessary documents, our information package software can also add drawings, stamps, watermarks and/or barcodes.


Once the information packages have been created, SEAL Systems’ software can distribute the packet to vendors through print, email and/or web.

Avoid Human Error

By automating the collection and distribution of information, human error is eliminated.


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