Getting Your Document Flow Under Control: Learn How to Improve Your Business Processes

What Is Document Management?


The subject of sustainability in businesses not only plays an increasing role before an ecological background, but is also crucial for business success pursuant to business processes. Database-supported document management is a must when the mountain of company-critical documents grows to the point of being unmanageable.

Especially with large file inventories, appropriate solutions guarantee audit-proof archiving, simple conversion, and management of all documents, and also support the automation of business processes. In contrast to conventional file systems with limited input options for metadata, document management solutions offer users additional opportunities in:

  • any desired number of fields for precise keywording
  • visualized folder structures
  • versioned documents
  • check-in / check-out process structure

The advantages of digital document management systems (DMS) are clear: they lessen effort in the search for documents, optimize your productivity and ultimately save you time and money.

Which Solution Can We Help You With?

Take advantage of the proven SEAL Systems offer in managing your business processes: We assist you in the integration of database-supported document management – from the conversion of your documents according to PDF/A or PDF/E standards, to their distribution to output management levels over the usual application formats, operating systems, form types, and drivers.

Our business solutions can even deal with specific application areas such as SAP and PLM systems. At the same time we make allowance for current developments like mobile printing via smartphones and tablets with customized applications. In every case, we speed up workflow in your company, and design management structures efficiently. Still have questions? Then contact our Support.


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