Development and Runtime Environment for the Process Flow of Documents

What Is the Digital Process Factory®?

The Digital Process Factory (DPF) is a development and runtime environment for the drafting and flow control of processes involving the processing of information, data, files and documents. Small processing building blocks, called working units, take on individual processing steps such as data acquisition, conversion, stamping, feedback and restoring.

The working units are assembled for variable process flows. There is an interactive graphical tool for assembly which can also be mastered by users with little programming knowledge.  Several scenarios, such as Office and CAD conversion of PDF/A, booklet creation, mail archiving, etc, have ready-made processes. These must be configured for the project’s specific requirements.

The Digital Process Factory® – Individually Adaptable to Your Projects

The Digital Process Factory (the ready-made processes), and the working units are continuously developed further by SEAL Systems on a project-driven basis. This helps form a continually improved basis for all customers and new scenarios. However, expressed project specific adaptations can also be realized, and are part of our daily business. The DPF  has been specially designed so that special adaptations can remain separate from the SEAL standard delivery. Customer-specific solutions can also be updated.

The Digital Process Factory also supports the integration of third-party products. The existing processes already contain integrated third-party converters for CAD data, the generation of 3-D PDF, the attachment of digital signatures, document protection and other functionalities.

Customers can make adaptations themselves after purchasing a development license. SEAL offers training for this.

Easy Operation, More Transparency

Integration into file-generating systems can be done over numerous interfaces such as web service, command line or watch folder. There are powerful, ready-made integrations available for individual systems such as SAP, TeamCenter and SharePoint. The operation of Digital Process Factory can be monitored easily and transparently over a graphic interface. Modifications such as inserting, deleting and moving individual process elements are made easy by intuitive operation, while the visualized process display helps users to think their way into the processes.


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