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Top 10 SAP Changes to Look out for in 2023

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    SAP is constantly enhancing and simplifying the experience for its customers. This year and into 2023, SAP will be hard at work releasing updates, doing research, and forming partnerships to make cloud-based business management easier and fill more of your needs. We will continue working to make ours the only software as a service (SaaS) you need for all of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions. Here is a list of the top 10 recent updates and research items you can look forward to for the coming year.

    Key Changes

    SAP ONE Support Launchpad and SAP for Me

    Over the summer, SAP integrated the SAP ONE Support Launchpad and SAP for Me. The complete integration is set to be released in the first quarter of 2023. The change will make all support-related functions like incident reporting and viewing license keys accessible in the dashboards section of SAP for Me. The transition will centralize SAP controls to the SAP for Me dashboard, making interacting with your ERP simpler. SAP for Me will include the following:

    • A search bar
    • Communication center
    • Shopping card
    • A profile
    • Home page
    • Calendar
    • Sidebar
    • Feedback slider
    • And more

    In addition to the list above, there will also be some exciting new features, including drag and drop, finance and legal, and more self-services.

    Drag and Drop

    SAP for Me displays the SAP ONE Support Launchpad tiles as cards. After listening to customer feedback, SAP has given the cards drag-and-drop functionality to make organizing them simpler. As priorities change, you can move the cards around in the dashboard within the same tab in the order you would like to see them.

    Finance &  Legal

    SAP for Me was constructed to offer you a simpler view of your contract and consumption data. The company has also made it easier to find and purchase licenses using the SAP for Me platform.

    More Self-Services

    The platform also enables you to configure cloud services and pay invoices online automatically.

    The company is reaching out to customers to make the shift over to SAP for Me. The two platforms are currently running in parallel, and SAP will make the complete switch over to SAP for Me in early 2023. As this transition continues, SAP has also worked on its business technology to more deeply integrate the License Utilization Information Application and ‘Cloud Availability Center.’

    License Utilization Information Application

    The License Utilization Information Application will be available in SAP for Me, located in the Finance & Legal dashboard, under the Consumption tab. From this display, you will have detailed information that includes your product portfolio, order items, licenses, and consumption information. You will also have the option to schedule your consumption data uploads.

    Your SAP side data will be updated daily, and you will be able to view it in different forms for analysis. The new analytic views will allow you to view usage trends over time, manage license agreements, and better plan your ERP spending for the future.

    Cloud Availability Center

    The Cloud Availability Center offers a comprehensive view of your cloud services, their ability, and your use. The center can be accessed from your SAP for Me customer dashboard by going to the Systems & Provision tab. Here you will find an overview and other tabs that include cloud delivery, availability, connectivity, and more. The change makes visualization of your available clouds and cloud use much more simple and easier to analyze.

    New Horizons for SAP Solutions

    In addition to all of these soon-to-be fully implemented, recent updates, SAP is researching ways to improve its SaaS cloud-based business management offerings further using the DART Methodology. In a nutshell, they parse out drivers of change, actions companies can take to adapt to them, what is required to take those actions, and build the business technology to facilitate adaptation. Here are some of the top areas SAP is researching today.

    Supply Chain Management

    The worldwide disruption of supply chains exposed their weaknesses. As a result, SAP is currently running two research projects focused on modernizing supply chain planning and procurement. The first study, supply chain modernization, will take data from across industries and analyze it to further pinpoint the causes of supply chain volatility. This information will lead to implementations in ERP software that will allow businesses to forecast volatility and avoid its effects.

    The second project involves procurement analysis and automation. This project will piggyback off the first and involve the development of tools businesses can use to better ensure efficient procurement, identify leakages, and remedy operational and compliance issues.

    Financial Management

    With all of the other issues companies have recently faced, financial systems that get the job done have been overlooked when it comes to digital transformation. This is why SAP is launching multiple research projects beginning in early 2023 related to financial management. The company will start by looking at benchmarks and ways to modernize and streamline SAP S/4HANA Finance and Central Finance — with the goal of providing “a single version of the truth that avoids data silos and accelerates decision-making.

    After this, SAP will look at intelligent finance in the cloud and cash management and cash visibility. The intelligent finance project is set to look at current and new automation strategies, as well as additional insights the software can give accounting teams so they can make better decisions. The cash-focused research project will look at automation processes that bridge finance and IT teams as well as financial institutions to the company’s treasury.

    Security, Governance, and Compliance

    The first project, set to kick off at the same time as the financial management research, will provide a high-level overview of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). This report will look at the changing business environment, evolving business models, changes in regulations, and the increasing need for cyber security, as it’s related to GRC. Finally, this report will lead to the next project directed at cyber security threats and challenges and the measures SAP needs to take to ensure customer security.

    CIO Related Research

    Chief Information Officer (CIO)-related research will begin with a study outlining key issues CIOs are likely to face as well as upcoming trends for 2023. The report will shed light on the areas companies are planning to spend digital transformation dollars in terms of improvements and problem solving. Another CIO-focused research initiative will revolve around how business technology leaders are driving and adapting to change and the technologies they expect to be using to facilitate that.

    Human Management

    With the end of legacy on-premise SAP ERP HCM coming in 2027, companies will need to transition to SAP SuccessFactors. This arm of research will focus on gathering data to help along a smooth transition. It will also look at ways that SAP SuccessFactors can be enriched to provide a better experience, analytics, and overall Human Experience Management (HXM) solutions.

    Data, Analytics, and Automation

    While many companies using SAP already make use of analytics and automation, SAP plans to look at ways to improve existing algorithms and model visualization so that deviations and bottlenecks are easier to identify. Another project will look at how businesses are handling legacy data to help SAP customers understand their risks, costs, and compliance needs.

    Application Development and Integration

    This study will gather information on the range of solutions companies are using to modernize their business technology across platforms. In addition, define what applications are critical to growth and the context they are being used in. Overall, this research will empower decision makers by outlining and better defining services available through the SAP ecosystem and beyond.

    2023 Will be an Exciting Year

    As you can see, SAP has big plans for 2023. They have completely overhauled their primary user dashboard to make it easier for all user types to interact with. In addition, they have a multitude of research planned to make sure that businesses can stay ahead of the curve in the current competitive and volatile environment. For more information about the SAP for Me migration, read more about it in “SAP ONE Support Launchpad migration to SAP for Me.”

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