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    How SEAL Systems’ SAP Printing Solution Helped a Healthcare Company Streamline Its Invoice & Prescription Management Process

    The Challenge

    An international company that specializes in medical and hygiene products consulted SEAL Systems for a software solution to automate the printing of invoices and prescriptions. The company’s accounting department was using an integrated invoice printing process that consisted of a series of tedious steps.

    Invoice Print Process Steps

    The accounting department first added prescriptions and cost estimates to every customer invoice. Then the invoices were scanned and assigned to the appropriate SAP function. When invoices were processed, bills and prescriptions were printed and assembled into the correct order by hand. The process was time-consuming and hindering productivity. So the company searched for a way to streamline it.

    SEAL Systems’ Invoice Printing Solution

    After researching several options, the company chose SEAL Systems’ SAP printing solution because it reduced the number of steps in the billing process, decreased the chance for error and saved time. Some of the many benefits it offers include the ability to:

    • Issue associated documents together with invoices (e.g., drawings, specifications, data recorded by employees on-site, etc.)
    • Send parts of the linked documents for collective billing
    • Compile, configure and filter documents
    • Sort documents into the desired order
    • Correct or control documents before output
    • Add timestamps, watermarks and metadata

    Why SEAL Systems Was the Chosen Solution

    SEAL Systems’ printing solution links related SAP documents to the invoice, service order or even another object, combines the accompanying documents and distributes them to a printer, web portal, mobile device or PDF.

    Sequence & Manual Correction Capability

    The accounting department used to manually sort the documents into a specific order after printing. SEAL Systems’ SAP printing solution automated this process by enabling employees to manually correct and control the related documents sequence before the forms were distributed through the use of its BC-XDC server.

    SEAL Systems’ BC-XDC Server

    The BC-XDC server, or External Document Converter, is the standard interface that integrates with SAP to authorize data conversion for printing and archiving. SEAL Systems’ BC-XDC Server converts documents into a printable format and sends them to a Composite Spool Request.

    BC-XDC and SEAL Systems

    SEAL Systems’ BC-XDC server supports various input and output formats like CAD, graphics, printing and the internet. The newest version, DPF4BCXDC, also supports:

    • New SAP JAVA Connectors 3 (3.0.14) on NetWeaver Basis
    • Network communication and SSO (on the SAP end)
    • Windows 2012 R2
    • Office 2016
    • Unicode

    The Result

    The company implemented the solution and saw an immediate improvement in its prescription and invoice management and printing process. Original documents are now scanned and printed in the correct order without manual sorting thanks to the SEAL Systems’ SAP Printing solution and BC-XDC server.

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