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RISE with SAP: What Is It, and Who Needs It?

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    Recent survey findings showed that more than half of executives believed digital transformation would be critical to growth throughout 2022. In support of this, SAP published that companies of all sizes have been adopting RISE with SAP  to help them keep up with cloud and business process transformation goals and get things done faster. Why are so many reputable organizations choosing RISE with SAP?

    What is RISE With SAP?

    First offered in January of 2021, RISE with SAP combines SAP cloud offerings into one convenient package. RISE with SAP is a simple way to achieve intelligent enterprise status by redesigning business process intelligence, migrating tools and services, building out cloud infrastructure and operations, SAP platform and network, and utilizing the SAP S.4 HANA Cloud. Let’s break it down component by component.

    Key Components of the Solution

    The main component of the product is the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud. The s/4 HANA Cloud is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that operates out of an SAP-based data center or the mix of facilities you choose. The application interface was created with all types of users in mind and uses embedded AI to offer intelligent analytics and process automation.

    But the folks at SAP didn’t stop there; they saw the need for additional services and added tools and services to the package to help companies digitally transform with less hassle. The RISE piece includes a starter pack for business process transformation, the full SAP Business Technology Platform, the SAP Business Network Starter Pack, as well as tools and services from partners. The resulting product was built to give companies the options and flexibility they need to achieve transformation goals without having to search for vendors and with little internal development.

    Who Would Benefit from RISE with SAP?

    RISE with SAP was built for organizations looking for a modular cloud-based solution. This framework removes part of the burden of system-wide management and progress from IT — freeing them up to automate business processes, secure information, and implement requested changes more quickly. In addition, the easy-to-use platform allows non-IT employees to implement system-wide changes securely.

    Who Uses It Today?

    Some very recent RISE with SAP adopters that you may have heard of include Pitney Bowes, Moderna Inc., GlobalFoundries Inc., Microsoft, and Corning Inc. While each company had its own reasons for adopting the technology, these companies reported using it to simplify their business processes and give them the flexibility they need to achieve their goals now and in the future.

    How RISE with SAP Can Help Your Business

    This game-changing combination’s simplicity and flexibility will help you streamline your current ERP efforts and allow efficiency and customer-focused changes to happen faster. Its built-in customer support and lifecycle management tools also help businesses save money and time on the maintenance side of the equation.

    How SEAL Systems can Help

    As a longstanding SAP partner, SEAL Systems can help you identify the best SAP H/4 HANA-based output management configuration for your business. In addition, we can help you consolidate your output hubs — make your data more secure, free up the IT help desk, and make it easier for employees to print documents while saving on supplies. Contact SEAL Systems today to find out how we can help improve your output management strategy while using RISE with SAP.