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Maximize Your Wrench Time

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    Maximize Wrench Time with SAP Maintenance Orders Solutions

    Lackluster wrench time can affect plant maintenance efficiency. Therefore, finding solutions that can maximize wrench time is necessary if you want to optimize your maintenance process.

    What is Wrench Time?

    Wrench time, or tool time, is the measurement for maintenance productivity and measures the time plant maintenance technicians spend working with their tools at a given time.

    Wrench Time Activities

    A company’s wrench time can include the following activities:

    • The time spent turning a wrench
    • Hands-on time
    • Clean-up
    • Time spent trouble-shooting, calculating and measuring
    • Time spent completing documentation & paperwork

    The Importance of Wrench Time

    Wrench time can be used as a measurement to determine how efficient your plant maintenance process is. Industry averages range from 25 – 35%, which means that maintenance technicians spend 65 – 75% of their time not working on the assigned equipment, but on other activities such as handling work orders.

    Work Orders – The Time Drain

    Work orders can be time-consuming for mechanical technicians. For example, if a technician is required to complete a large amount of paperwork, or receives an email with separate attachments that is missing documents – their time is spent handling the work order and not on the equipment they were assigned to. Therefore, finding solutions that help decrease the time spent managing work orders and increase wrench time is vital to maximizing the plant maintenance process.

    Work Order Solutions That Help You Increase Your Wrench Time

    SAP Maintenance Orders Solution

    SEAL System’s SAP maintenance orders solution enables the automatic output of SAP plant maintenance forms as well as the automatic retrieval and output of supporting documents.

    Our solution uses several filters to retrieve all the SAP maintenance orders, including:

    • Document type
    • Document status
    • Latest version
    • Released documents only
    • Remove duplicates
    • Document features
    • Additional filter criteria

    How will this solution help you maximize your wrench time?

    Our SAP maintenance orders solution saves you time by constructing each job in a sequenced, PDF format. Our solution also fully restructures the bill of materials and provides technical format support, including CAD drawings.

    Manage Maintenance Jobs on Mobile Devices

    SEAL Systems’ mobile app for SAP processes, allows maintenance groups to manage and view job information on mobile phones and tablets.
    When using the app, service technicians can receive maintenance orders with all the necessary files and information. If needed, the service technician can also retrieve additional details from other maintenance objects in SAP.

    Notifications or damage reports can be created with all the related fields filled and loaded into the SAP System. To complete a report, the technician scans a barcode/QR code or directly inputs the data. The app’s interface is easy for maintenance personnel to use and no SAP experience or knowledge is needed.

    How will this solution help you maximize your wrench time?

    Our maintenance app provides up-to-date information for maintenance jobs with electronic distribution, reduces the time required to create maintenance notifications, and includes the technician’s current GPS information. An image of damage equipment can also be directly uploaded to the maintenance notification.

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