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How to Protect Your Documents From Fraud

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    Digitized documentation makes it easier to store a lot of documents in one place. On the one hand, a digital database can be easier to parse for information depending on how the information is stored, but a significant downside to digitization is document security.

    If you are using a general database to store all documents, how do you know who made changes, who has access to sensitive information, and who can print and share documents that you don’t want to share with the world?

    With an enterprise output solution designed for document security, you can have secure printing, document handling, and document management. The following will cover some ways an enterprise output management solution can help ensure your documents are safe ad your company is not vulnerable to fraud.    

    Digital Watermarks and Stamps

    Digital watermarks and stamps work similarly to the rubber stamps in the offices of the past, with a couple of added bonuses, you can also use them as keys to access, attach processes or data to a document, and you can use them to keep track of changes and updates. 

    These types of digital signatures are very versatile and give businesses the option to do things like assigning individual permissions from a single database in a visual manner.

    They can help ensure documents are securely printed and in the right hands. In addition, they can be configured to automatically leave a digital trail of who accessed documents, when they accessed them, and what was done during the period of access. 

    This makes it nearly impossible for questionable or fraudulent activity. It also makes it easier to understand whether or not you have the most recent version.

    Document Labeling and Signatures

    You can use digital watermarks and stamps to label documents; you can also use digital signatures. Using an enterprise output document management solution, digital signatures can be used to do more than simply sign documents. You can also assign tasks and procedures to a signature.  

    Secure Print Pull

    Print Pulling or Follow Me Printing ensures hard copy document safety by having the user identify themselves at the printer before the document is printed. With SEAL Systems, users can print from any application on the network. The printing job is held in queue on the PLOSSYS server until the user decides to pick up their document. To retrieve the document, the user needs to identify themselves using an ID card, cell phone, RFID tag, or barcode at the printer. 

    The Seal Systems solution is printer brand neutral, meaning you won’t have to purchase new equipment to use the option. In additional, you can unify your secure printing mechanisms rather than using the different mechanisms offered by each printer manufacturer.  

    Why Companies Choose SEAL Systems for Document Security

    SEAL Systems provides universal security services that won’t add to the complexity of your document management and handling tasks. Everything can be accessed when needed from the road, and updates and changes are well-tracked, preventing fraud and saving employee time to work on other projects. Contact SEAL Systems today to find out more about their holistic document handling, security, and tracking solutions.