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New Factsheet: Distributing Docu‍ments Ea‍sily and Securely with the Web Portal

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    The distribution of documents via the Internet and intranet is already taken for granted by many standards. If information arrives at the right location, a smooth business operation is guaranteed. With the web portal from SEAL Systems, the digital distribution of documents works smoothly.

    Are you now wondering what the SEAL Systems web portal is and its benefits? Here is an overview.

    The SEAL Systems Web Portal is a browser-based application for digital distribution and secure sending of documents across company boundaries. You control your files and get an overview of which records you sent and whether the recipient has seen them or received them. SEAL Systems has created a distribution solution that meets your requirements.
    • mobile-capable,
    • seamlessly integrate into your IT landscape,
    • fail-safe,
    • automatable,
    • adjustable to match your Corporate design
    • and much more …

    Do you already use solutions from us or want to use the web portal with other applications from SEAL Systems? No problem.

    The Web Portal is one of our platform services, which can be used for all SEAL Systems applications. By combining the Web Portal with other SEAL Systems modules, you streamline your processes and complete several steps around your documents in a single application.

    What can the SEAL Systems web portal do, who needs it, and how does it work from the sender’s and receiver’s points of view? You can find out in our factsheet.

    Factsheet Web Portal