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Five Reasons Why Cloud Printing Is the Output Management Solution Your Company Needs

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    What is Cloud Printing?

    Cloud printing is an output management solution that adds scalability, agility, efficiency, security and control to your enterprise and allows users to print from any device on your network.

    The 5 Benefits of Cloud Printing

    #1 – Scalability

    According to BizTech, organizations spend from 1% to 3% of their annual revenue on printing. And for every $1 spent on printing, they spend another $9 to manage the printing environment. Cloud Printing enables them to reduce this expense because it eliminates print servers and the cost of printer maintenance.

    #2 – Agility

    Most businesses’ printing and distribution needs fluctuate day-to-day and during growth periods. Cloud Printing enables printers and devices enterprise-wide to scale based on demand.

    #3 – Efficiency

    Cloud Printing eliminates the need for printer drivers, which means users and printers no longer have to be on the same network. This allows employees to work from anywhere with no technological limitations, and centralized monitoring and administration ensures compliance with corporate, industry and regulatory requirements.

    #4 – Security

    A cloud-based output management solution provides optimal security because data is only available on demand. Therefore, the sensitive information is not printed until the employee is physically at the printer to pick up the documents.

    #5 – Control

    Cloud services allow users to easily define printing rules such as mandatory duplex printing, page limits or access to color printing. Printers can also be chosen for each group so users only see printers that are available to them.

    Cloud Applications

    There are three main applications that run in the cloud:

    Public Cloud – A third-party service provider makes computing services available to anyone who wants to use/purchase them on the Internet.

    Private Cloud – Computing services are available on the Internet or a private internal network to select users.

    Hybrid Cloud – A computing environment that connects a private and public cloud by allowing data and applications to be shared between the two.

    Achieve These Benefits – and More – with SEAL Systems’ Cloud Printing Solution

    Our Cloud Printing solution makes your printing process flexible, cost-effective and easy, and it is hardware independent. Optimize your printing processes for SAP, Windows, Engineering and mobile devices with SEAL Systems’ Cloud Printing solution.

    “When properly utilized, the cloud is a powerful tool that simplifies IT environments, reduces expenditures and lowers management costs. Not every IT process is suitable for a cloud operation, but with sound judgment and competent partners, companies can save substantial costs – especially for standard processes such as output management.”

    Thomas Tikwinski, Chief Technology Officer at SEAL Systems

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