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Check GOS and BDS Documents During Storage

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    The Challenge: The Quality of PDF Documents Stored in SAP (e.g. Customer Specifications)

    Tobias Wagner, IT manager at ACME Pharmaceuticals, was on his way to a meeting when Sales Manager Norbert Hering caught him. “Tobias, wait a minute, please!” – Ah, Norbert! Hello! How can I help you?” – “We have a problem,” Norbert Hering began straight out. “We regularly receive specifications from our customers, which we file with the customer order. This has always worked out, but unfortunately we now face a problem with our biggest customer. He sends us PDF files which seem to be defective. We can open the file, but as soon as we open the second page, there is a bug.” – “So the customer sends you defective PDF files and you drop them off without checking them first” Tobias Wagner asked surprised. – “It looks like it for me. Unfortunately, this is only noticeable when the production requires the documents and you do not display or print them. And then our production manager Anett is breathing down my neck and wants us to request the documents again as soon as possible.
    Scene SAP and IT specialists
    That’s exactly what we do, but unfortunately it takes some time until we have the documents. This of course destroys the entire production planning, because production cannot take place without customer specifications.” – “I understand”, said the IT manager, “The uncontrolled filing of documents is a problem for me anyway. But our SAP expert Peter Schmidt already has a solution in mind.”

    “SEAL Systems, Matthias Müller, hello”, Matthias Müller, New Business Manager at SEAL Systems, answered the phone. “Hello Mr. Müller, this is Peter Schmidt from ACME Pharmaceuticals.” – “Hello Mr. Schmidt! How are you?” – “Quite well, but we have another problem… Hopefully you still remember our discussion about ArchiveLink documents, i.e. the storage of documents via the services for the object?” – “But for sure!” – “I would like to invite you to a meeting on site. Would it be OK for you if you presented your solution to us?” – “Of course! When would it fit for you?”

    The Solution: Pre-validation of Stored PDFs and their Con‍version to PDF/A

    “Hello everyone! I am pleased that we were able to find an appointment at short notice to discuss the quality of the PDF documents in our SAP system. The deadline was triggered by incorrect specifications from our customers. Mr. Müller from SEAL Systems shows us today how we can avoid the current errors in the future”, Dr. Peter Schmidt started the meeting between employees of ACME Pharmaceuticals and SEAL Systems.” – “Mr. Schmidt, thank you very much for the introduction! I am pleased to be able to show you our solution today and I think you will solve your problem”, Matthias Müller started. “I can offer you the following. You are currently storing all documents for the respective business objects. For this you use the services for the object and here the GOS or BDS documents. Currently, the documents are stored exactly as they come from the external or internal partner. This means that the quality of the documents is not subject to any control and this has now dropped on your feet. Our solution intervenes in the file storage process and redirects you to a server. On this server, the PDF is converted to the long-term archiving format PDF/A. The PDF/A format is then used for the long-term archiving of the file. This ensures that you can still read the documents in the future.”

    “What we most need right now is a change in procedures. We already have enough to do,” said Sales Manager Norbert Hering moody. – “And that’s exactly why there won’t be any changes to the process,” Matthias Müller interrupted him. “You and your colleagues will store the files in the same way as before. The only difference is that in the event of a document containing errors, you are notified automatically and can lodge a complaint with your external or internal partner promptly. The process for the employee remains identical. Error detection is simply automated and shifted to the beginning of the process. At the current time, there is always a risk because production needs the information quickly. With our extension, we only store standardized, quality-checked PDFs.” – “That sounds great! The quality of our documents increases, the time for troubleshooting is reduced and our production can run smoothly. Thank you very much, Mr. Müller,” Dr. Peter Schmidt was pleased to say.

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