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Post-Processing or Deletion of ArchiveLink (GOS/BDS) Stock Documents

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    The Challenge at AllesGut Pharma AG

    “I am glad, Mr. Muller, that you helped us so well with our problem to check GOS and BDS documents for archiving,” our client Peter Smith, from AllisWell Pharma AG, thanked SEAL Systems’ employee Matthias Muller. “Thus, we solve the problem for all data, which enters into our system again. But unfortunately, we still have tens of thousands of old documents with unknown quality in the system via the services to the object, i.e., GOS or BDS documents. In my opinion, we must also post-process these so that we obtain a uniform quality for all documents in the system.”

    The Solution from SEAL Systems

    “Right and just in case, we also have a tool in our portfolio. Our ArchiveLink XSA. Whereby XSA stands for eXtend Search and Action. With this tool we can process existing documents,” said Matthias Muller.

    “That sounds like a suitable solution for us,” said Peter Smith. “And perhaps we can also make our old filing obsolete! Can you check the file into our new repository after editing it on your server?”

    “We can,” said Matthias Muller. “If desired, we can also perform text recognition in the process, or align the pages according to the text found. Documents that have been scanned, for example, become searchable again and you can find what you are looking for more quickly. How does that sound?”

    ArchiveLink XSA: How It Works

    “That sounds very good,” replied AllisWell Pharma AG’s employees. “Can you briefly explain to us how your tool works?

    “I’d love to,” Matthias Muller replied. “The first step is to choose which documents you want to process. For example, we select all documents for ordering. In the second step, we then determine which action is to be carried out. In our example, this is the conversion to PDF/A. However, other actions, such as deleting the document, can also be stored as actions. In the last step, we determine how or when the processing should take place. We support both interactive processing and processing with a batch job outside working hours.”

    “I like that,” said Peter Smith. “Then we can tackle the topic now and will have no more problems with it!”