SEAL Systems explains…
Corporate Output Management

by André Schnibbe

Cover-COM-Broschuere-211x300 SEAL Systems explains... <br> Corporate Output ManagementFor us, everything that has to do with the company-wide distribution of documents and information falls under the umbrella term Corporate Output Management. And so we have developed a system that merges and handles of all your print and print-related processes within one system. In our next white paper we’ll explain just what Corporate Output Management is, what it can do, and what advantages it can offer you.

We’ll explain what Corporate Management is.

In our white paper you’ll learn, for example, how our Corporate Output Management System elegantly integrates your company’s many application formats, forms, printer languages, drivers and operating systems. It can handle the electronic distribution and output of all information and documents – to all destinations inside or outside your network.

You’ll also read how users and administrators profit from many other control, preparation, and interface features. Our Output Management platform allows you not only to handle all processes over one system, but also to design this much more efficiently and form synergies with other systems. You can optimize your output processes with a large number of additional features, designed for all areas of your print infrastructure and processes.

Our white paper will reveal

  • … the advantages of Corporate Output Management.
  • … what Corporate Output Management for SAP is all about.
  • … what Corporate Output Management for Windows is.
  • … what Corporate Output Management for Engineering means.
  • … what relationship Corporate Output Management has to Mobile Printing.
  • … what additional features are available and the benefits they offer.
  • … what concrete benefits Corporate Output Management brings you.

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